Dec 12 2016

For Christmas, since I will be in a new area... I don't actually know the plan yet! I am being transferred tomorrow. We found out Saturday what was happening and my comp is staying in the area and I will be moving over to Chi 2. Which, suffice it to say will be the most ghetto area I have so far served in. The guys there a couple of weeks ago told us about a shooting they witnessed that was pretty crazy. No worries though because... well just don't worry. Saying bye to my members was pretty hard in this area. I feel like now that I can speak Spanish, to an extent, I have been able to connect with them so much more than my other areas. I am super grateful for the time I have had here in Westchester! 

This week was pretty cool! A nice bang to leave with. I went on an awesome exchange with a greenie in my district on Tuesday. It was actually pretty rough because it was really cold and hard to contact. So we ended up doing a lot of stop buys that weren't home. I say this was an awesome exchange because I taught this greenie the art of sitting in portillos long enough for someone to come up to us! Which is pretty much what happened. Almost at the end of my cake shake, this man walks up and is like, "Hi elders! I used to go to your church. I think it's a sign I'm seeing you right now". And there you go. We found out he used to be investigating and wants to try again. He attended church for three years straight at one point but still fell away. Hopefully it's his time to come into the fold for real. 

My companion also dyed my hair this week. I am now almost blonde!  

Elder Jones
Lesson learned: don't walk down the hair color isle

Dec 5 2016

Hey mom! So ya we have been getting up and going places in the morning recently. It has been nice but I don't get to email till well into the afternoon. 
So yes we have a meal calendar that gets passed around the relief society on Sunday. We typically get about four appointments through that. Then we set up additional ones on our own with either investigators or members that didn't sign up that we wanna visit.  And we almost always have at least one meal a day with members. Not always though. Sometimes we have one in a week. It depends I guess.  We are teaching this guy named Luis Espinoza that we found out his son is a member. He lives in New York and is less active but super cool! And so we were teaching him one day and he told us that he was talking to his dad who lives in Mexico and his dad was like ya those missionary guys come over and sweep my house and stuff all the time!  So his dad is seeing the missionaries too and we didn't even know! :)
Elder Jones

Nov 28 2016

Oh I got full!! That's for sure. We had four separate food appointments on thanksgiving. It was great! But starting all the way back on Monday, Mike and Deb were so cool!! Oh my goodness it was amazing to see them. I felt bad that they had to make quite the trek and track me down all the way in the north part of the city.

So ya the whole week was kind of like helping people prepare for thanksgiving. We went to a few houses earlier in the week to help cook and my favorite was definitely our Venezuelan family. I will send pictures but we helped them make these yaka they are their version of Mexican tamales but almost infinitely better. They wrap them in banana leaves instead of corn husks and the insides are a mixture of four different meats, a couple types of oil, onions, olives, egg, raisins, and straight goodness! They were amazing and we cooked and danced for what seemed like forever in their house:)

So actual thanksgiving day though, we started the day again at that Venezuelan house because we had to take them a pan so they could cook some pan de jamón, which is also stinking amazing. Then we went to one of our biggest interconnected families from the ward. There are like... four or five households that span a few wards in our stake and almost all of them got together and we were invited. That was way fun too! We could only stay for a little while though because our most promising investigator family had also invited us over. They did so about two months ago so we definitely couldn't miss this one! So after eating a plate at the Alvarez we hopped on the bikes and scurried over to the Ledezma house. This is the family I found in my first week here in Westchester and they have been slowly progressing ever since.  The holidays really are tough times for missionaries who miss home a lot. One could fall into despair pretty quickly around so much family warmth and all... but not me! I don't miss home at all (sniffle). Apparently in their house it isn't thanksgiving without a giant vat of lasagna. So that's what we ate, accompanied by a small slice of ham and turkey which was then followed by overly large portions of; pumpkin pie, apple pie, some other kind of pie, and flan! Yikes. Second meal and it wasn't looking good for me. I was on the verge of bursting and the night was still young! Our final house held the member who I had told earlier that I would eat everything on my plate and his as well! Well, coming out of the Ledezmas I was really regretting saying that. I could barely pedal! Oh, and as you know missionaries love the families they visit so much that it is sometimes hard to leave once you get in. That said, we arrived at our fourth and final appointment for the day, an hour and a half late. It's ok though! They weren't too bummed since it was mostly a family thing again and were content to watch us try and stuff down two tamales each. God bless them. 

I am so grateful for my family. I am so great for all of the wonderful people that have blessed my life before, and during my mission. I am grateful that I have things to be grateful for! There is always someone in less accommodating conditions than us and I encourage everyone in this month of December to check out the church's movement of  #light the world. Thank you all for everything! Love you guys!

Elder Jones
making the yaka

Nov 21 2016

I had a great Pday today went bowling to start the week off. Then I got a great surprise visit from Mike and Deb. Thanksgiving is coming up and we have 4 dinner appts.  I think we will be having Spanish food... I'm not sure! Lots of people tell us we are going to eat turkey but... we will see how it is;) they are better sticking to the food from their homelands. Mom go say hi to Trevor he just got home! I miss him so much.  Big thank you to Hermana Curiel for cutting my hair- mom I know I needed it bad and I didn't have to cut it myself!  Hope you all enjoy being with your family I know I am very thankful for mine.


Nov 14 2016

Hello everyone!
These last seven days were pretty exciting! We have elected a new president! I can honestly say that it has been hard to avoid political discussions with investigators and members alike. It seems like everyone wants to know what the missionaries think so they can decided if they want to keep inviting us over! Haha it's been a fun week. 

So here is the highlight for me of this last week, I baptized Carlos! The hermanas were actually the missionaries who taught him which is why I haven't said much about him in my weekly's home, but he asked me to be the one and I was honored. I feel so blessed to have been able to bring this man closer to Christ. That is the real reason I am here. To bring people to Christ. And just like I do everyday, I invite all of you to come a little closer to him in this next week.

So follow up coolest thing of the week, we had a surprise visit at church from Elder Anderson of the seventy! This was especially cool because it was the day we confirmed Carlos as well as the two children of the Barrios family, and so I was able to stand in on three confirmations, all with a seventy there. How cool is that?! This has been a special week for me and I'm so happy to be here serving the Lord!
Elder Jones

Nov 7 2016

Ok so this week was great! Why? Because a one hundred and eight year streak has been broken! Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If not you should probably look anywhere on social media and you will find out that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series! I didn't get to watch it but I heard it was a great game. The best part was when it was over and we got a text from a member that they won. It woke me up at like 12:30pm!
Other than that, this week we had two baptisms! I know I haven't kept you all super updated on these persons but they were siblings in a recently returning and reactivating family and they were baptized by their father. How cool! I loved being apart of their journey to the truth.
Well that is all from me this week! Once again, thank you for all your love and support!

Elder Jones


Happy Halloween!
I am feeling a lot better now! That lasted like almost two weeks of just sick crap. My nose is still stuffy always though.

Hey everyone! So I am literally experiencing my last Halloween on the mission. Can anyone else believe that? Me neither.

Well I have some great news for this week! We finished all of our teaching with the two Barrios kids this week and there baptism will be taking place on Saturday. I am so stoked! Baptisms really light the fire in missionaries and I am so glad to be apart of this special occasion for some children of God.

Just for a quick update, the war on our cockroaches is still waging but I feel that we won a great battle this last week. I came home to find one fleeing behind my fridge so we decided to pull it out and check behind. We found a couple of big ones and well... they are gone. Keep praying for us there.

The weather is cooling down here but our finding efforts are... well actually that is cooling us down as well. It is time for gloves and beanies here in Chicago and the smarter people just stay inside. It is great though because we can often find whole families at home!

If anybody likes to bake missionaries fresh treats in the fall hey, I'm still out here :)  Thank you all for your support! Love you guys so much!

Elder Jones

Oct 24 2016

So this week was great! I have literally been sick all week! But it's ok because for some reason my Spanish has really clicked and I don't know why. But it's been great. We got to go to the temple on Saturday and that was definitely the highlight! A family got sealed and it was such a special experience! Here is a pic

Elder Jones

Oct 17 2016

Hello everyone!

I don't have tons of time today but here are some experiences from the life of Elder Jones!

So this week was a definitely a victory in the apartment. I think I have done a poor job so far in describing the apartment we live in now and how we came to be there. I will now take this time to explain. So the companionship before me in this area were forced to move out of their apartment due to the inhuman amount of cockroaches. So, when they relocated to where we are now, they weren't able to bring much furniture due to its "contamination". Therefore! We have been sleeping without bed frames, studying with one desk, and eating on plastic plates for about 2 months. I don't want to sound needy, and maybe that's why we have gone so long with nothing, but we complained to our zone leaders and got hooked up with some furniture this week. We deep cleaned everything when we put it all in and kicked some roach butt and I am feeling much better about pretty much everything because of that.

Baptism! Got pushed back a week. So Carlos had his date set for this last Thursday, but unfortunately they had to push it back because of stake conference. He still wants me to baptize him though so I am not despairing. We also have the two Barrios kids who are on date for November fifth!

Those are the best things happening to us right now! I love you all and I know this church is true.
Drop me a line and say hi I need to hear from peeps.

Oct 10 2016

How about those Cubs!! The city is totally alive! We hear about the cubs all the time.  I am outside of the actually "city" now so I am sure downtown is crazy... but it's alright!  This will probably be my weekly because we actually came downtown today so I won't get much time.  Here's a pic of some stores downtown! my new comp and a few of my former also Elder Rowe who came out with me.   I know I need a haircut soooo bad. I just don't wanna pay!! And nobody here can do it. We will get one soon.

Oct 3 2016

Conference was awesome! We watched the first session while teaching some investigators that we will baptize before Thanksgiving:) how cool!! Last week in church this guy came up to us and was like, "Hey Elders, I have been inactive for 15 years and now I am coming back. I need you to baptize my two children" ahh! How cool:) oh and that baptism I mentioned awhile back will be next Thursday!! I am stoked for that too because he still wants me to do it:)

Sept 26 2016

Hello everyone!
This week was a blast! My new companion, Elder Luccion, is such a good guy! He is from Argentina and has committed to helping me learn his accent. Heck yes. So we made the switch this last Tuesday and really felt the lag of switching companions. I almost forgot how much transfers takes it out of you! Even if you are not the one leaving the area it is still a draining experience. So as far as that goes, we are stoked to get rolling in the work this week.

Just to introduce him to the area we took a trip to the hospital for Me. I try to be tough (not really) but I was having a pain in my side and chest. So after EKG and xray they found nothing and kicked me to the curb.

As far as roaches go I have good news. They are about as scarce as new investigators! Haha just kidding. But for real we have been kicking butt in this war. Probably because I can kill them and I'm pretty sure they can't kill me. Pretty sure.

We had a great time finding the other day! My favorite part was right at the end of the night we were blessed to teach the entire restoration to an attentive dude on his porch step! Gotta find joy in the little things right? :)

As always, thank you so much for your love and support. I know this work is true. I know it's fun to do. #ryhmesforthework Here is a picture of the new comp we are taking a break drinking some Watermelon Arizona

Elder Kelly Jones

Sept 19 2016

Ok so with my current comp, his name is Elder Hall and he is from South Jordan. He has been out a few months less than me. We get along great actually! But he is being transferred!! We got the call this last Saturday and he is out! I am getting this guy named Elder Luccion! I already know him and we are homies:)  Just to keep you straight mom here is the last year or so. I was trained in Gurnee by Limón, then Peralta. Then I went to Chi 3 in a trio for a week with Recillas and Rejas. Then just with Rejas. The I got Elder Vandenhazel, for three transfers. Now I am with Elder Hall and tomorrow I will be with Luccion. Those are my comps! Have a great week. I have amazing news!!!! :) an investigator asked if I would baptize him this week?!!!!! Ahhhh!!! :)
Elder Jones

Sept 12, 2016

Hello Everybody!!

Greetings from good ole Cicero Illinois! You will have to excuse my bad habit of not filling you guys in on my life for the past few weeks. I claim rights to forgetful 19 year old, but hey I'm working on that!
So as you know and if you don't, I am now serving in the Westchester 2nd ward which is really just outside of my old downtown boundaries. I have been here for about a month and it is seriously so fun! We have a great area and my companion Elder Hall and I get along great. He is from South Jordan for any of you who know Utah very well.

As all missionaries say, this week was quite interesting! We had almost no luck with new investigators but our old ones are getting even more solid. I was blessed to walk into an area with like three people almost ready to be baptized. I really hope they stick to it!  Raul has got to be my favorite though. He is the boyfriend of one of our favorite members and he is as good as a dry Mormon. He has a great sense of humor too, like when my companion completely lit the stove of his house yesterday on fire while heating up tortillas, he didn't even get mad! But oh elder hall... We are working on his cooking skills.

Speaking of kitchens we had a pretty peaceful week in ours..... EXCEPT WE DECLARED WAR ON THE COCKROACHES!! Ok so I hope you all know that Chicago is the land of the bugs. It is something to be expected. So when I first saw them here in our apartment I didn't freak, but calmly
destroyed everyone I could see. But now! This week I had the third night that I come in and our counter and sink had about 6-8 running all over. The reason war has been declared is that we had just made muffins early and they were all over them! (I know what you are thinking, that we shouldn't have left them out and cleaned up better and blah blah but I know that!) we were in a huge hurry to get out the door early that day for a blessing and didn't have time to throw them in the fridge. I am happy to say that we are on the offensive now and we haven't seen any almost since that day. We will win this war if it kills us.

On a happier note, one of our other investigators dogs can sing! But only to the song who let the dogs out... He is very picky.

I will leave you all with that image and my testimony of this gospel. We have the gospel in this church and I am so grateful for it! Thanks, as always, for your love and support!

Elder Jones

Sept 5 2016

Hey mom! Did you get the video I sent of me on a stage beat boxing and stuff?? Also hello! Happy Labor Day! What fun places did you take Kalen this week? ;)

Elder Jones

Aug 29 2016

Just finished looking at the pictures you sent of Kalen's homecoming.  Wow. This is a lot to take in! Oh my goodness I am so happy for Kalen!! Send me more pics mom! :) so was it as epic as it should be? With him coming down the escalator and everything? I hope nobody is forgetting about me right....? ;) haha no I'm just kidding:) but so what is he like? Is he super weird or anything?? Is he back in his room?  Don't let him borrow my clothes.  For real I have changed he can have anything in my closet.

Aug 22 2016

My week was great mom! I am just getting used to the area and my members a little bit. We had to walk for a few days while my bike was in the shop (that was 60 bucks by the way and I hated that) and walking is the worst!! I would literally die if I served I a walking area. I am soooooo glad we actually don't have one of those in our mission. At least for Spanish... They are all bike or car. Walking is terrible! And I get this horrible tightness in my right foot if I walk for too long. I am so grateful that my last companion got some foot insole things in his last package before I got transferred and he gave them to me! Way cool guy.

So we had two awesome lessons this week. One was with the investigators that we found at the Catholic service charity thing. The ones who invited us over after we worked with them for a while. So apparently we had told them we would go back on Friday to see them again. Well I guess we weren't that serious about it and we didn't write it down so we forgot. So she calls us Saturday and goes, why didn't you come over yesterday?? And we were like uhh... So she said come over today! And we said ok:) so we went over and met the rest of the family which is the older sister and the dad. I told her what I wanted to study in college and she's like oh my boyfriend has a degree in physical science and stuff so how about I invite him over for the next time you come? Haha. Yes. So I am definitely looking forward to that. It also looks like we have some solid progressing investigators.

Our other cool lesson was last night with this investigator who is dating one of our members who is in another ward but goes to our ward and we visit. So we go planning to share a quick scripture because it was an active and the guy comes to church every week but while we were eating the nonmember friend of the daughter of our active (and the daughter is super less active by the way) walks in the door and sits down to eat. Before we get to the lesson we started talking about Joseph Smith and both the friend of the daughter, and the guy investigator start asking questions so we quickly changed lesson plan to restoration. It turned into a great experience where the guy learned a lot and accepted that God and Christ are different people (that was really hard) and the daughter's friend asked when she could come back when we were here to talk some more. Man can this area get any easier? I didn't think so until two way less actives called us this week out of the blue and asked when we were coming over. It's getting pretty annoying that all of this teaching is getting in the way of our finding time but... Hey we take what we can get ;)

Elder Jones

Aug 15 2016

"Well this is pretty swell". If my new companion had a catchphrase that would definitely be it!

Buena Sememana everyone! Again for all of those who did not know I got transferred this last week. Yes I am sad to say that I had to leave the wonderful and always eventful area of downtown Chicago for the much less eventful but probably just as wonderful area of... Berwyn? I think that is what this place is called. I can't just say Chicago now and have everybody know what I'm talking about. A little bit about me and my new area though is this is the first place that I am serving in that is considered "south side". Previously, I had this misconception that south side literally meant there were shootings on every other street, the potholes were as big as pizzas, the cops were afraid to go outside, and the sun actually shone with less vigor. I am happy to report that the sun is pretty much the same. As for the other things......

Westchester is great! Oh did I say that is what my new ward is called? For some reason all of the missionaries around here pronounce it Bestchester. I think I will like it here:) My area is one of the smallest in the mission which is super weird for me but I guess I have been steadily downsizing since Gurnee so bring it on. Also I am still on my bike. Thank the blessed Lord! The apartment that I am now living in has previously had missionaries in it for just a month. Either way it I am already loving it here.

So I have two real quick experiences that I would like to share with you guys. The first was a miracle blessing containing a member, an air conditioner, and three sleepless nights for Elder Jones. So when I arrived the apartment was great except for our landlord only allows us to put one swamp cooler up in our house and for a polar bear like me, I need to be sleeping in an igloo to be happy. Needless to say after three restless nights and a lot of childish complaining on my part, a member calls in the middle of the day and asks is we would like a new swamp cooler. What the heck?? We quickly agreed and pretty soon had it installed in place of the old one and I found myself in need to give thanks:) the Lord watches out for us!

Number two! While contacting just this last Sunday, we found a couple of teenage boys on their porch doing pretty much nothing. We said hello and I got into a conversation about music and soccer and pretty soon the gospel. I was amazed by the answer of one if these boys to the question, "do you believe that there is a God?" He said, "well, I have never really thought about it. So I would say no." I find it strange that the first inclination from this generation is to not believe. I taught him how to pray and challenged him to do so but it left me feeling grateful to my parents for teaching me how to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

My invitation for all of you is to just pray this week. Ask God once again if he is there and he will tell you. It'll be fun:) my new address is 2601 South 59th Ave. Apt 12 in Cicero Illinois. 60804. Just in case any of you would like to send me a package or letter or anything:) I promise anything is welcome!! As always thanks for your love and support of me in my endeavors.

Elder Jones

Aug 8 2016

Not much to say except I am getting transferred tomorrow to a place called Westchester! And it is south side:) haha where all of the shootings happen and stuff? Ya down there mom;)

Aug 1 2016

Hey mom! :) so today I have a special treat! Well as long as you like pictures of me;) we took a little adventure down to the lakefront at 4 in the morning for the sunrise! :) tell me what you think
So this was a pretty interesting week. Any missionary who tells you their life is boring is not trying hard enough!! To explain a little about the title of my email this week, we have this investigator, as
you know, named Luis Flores. He is a heavy smoker. You can be assured that inviting him to smoke ONLY 5 a day would be a huge improvement. He is already on the uphill he told us because he used to smoke about two packs a day and is down to only 15 buds! Hooray for effort! But yes our first invitation this week was please smoke only five cigs a day.

Sacrament was relatively peaceful this week. Right up until our recently reactivated member started moaning and falling on the floor! I honestly can't even describe this event. I was sitting on the same pew in the back when I saw everybody's heads start turning towards us. Somehow I didn't even notice until a brother came back to help the sister from falling. She ended up on the floor anyways passed out and there was an ambulance called. No worries everyone, we think she's ok now.
We had a baptism on Friday It was actually the niece of my recent convert Giovannie who we baptized a couple months ago and he actually baptized her too!! :) She was just here for the summer (two months) and she leaves tomorrow:) way cool huh??
We had a terribly fun week and I'd love to tell you tons more stories but I have to go! Thanks so much for all your support. Church is true!
Love you all

Elder Jones

July 25 2016

Happy anniversay mom and dad.
Thanks mom for the package.  I love the watch and light for my bike.  I love packages so send anything you want.

July 18 2016

We made serious progress with the Munoz family this week. On Wednesday we got out of a lesson and headed over to the church to meet a youth member of our congregation so he could bike with us to the lesson with the Muñoz. By the time we arrived at the church I was completely soaked. After about 37 seconds of riding through Pot Hole City, we were super soaked. Oskar (our youth buddy who is actually not even in our ward) soon arrived on bike, and we all rode over to our lesson. We arrived to their amazement, and had an amazing lesson with them. After toweling off with this fantastic family's best linens we were able to testify some more about the BoM and we invited them to church. Have you ever invited someone to do something and immediately they whip out their phone and text someone to take their shift at the time you asked them to do? Ya... That feeling rocks. They came to church yesterday, and will be coming from now on. It is so great, and I am so happy that they grasping the hope of life once again (for those who don't remember the dad is still in a coma) Munoz family is this family of 3 girls, mom, and the dad in a coma. Has been comatose for three years now. Missionaries found him right before he went into a coma and had to stop meeting with them. We tried them again a few weeks ago and were able to give the guy a blessing at home and the hospital and the mom calls us her little angels now and the oldest daughter supports the whole family and she is solid. She is the one that changed her whole schedule to be able to go to church and she is the only income in the family.
Along with Luis, who has been steadily coming to church now for about a month now.

Our awesome mission leader's family all went to Argentina for the summer. He is staying here in Chicago for a few weeks to work until he heads down there himself. It was his birthday, and so we bought him a cake, and he took us out to eat at a buffet. I love how one cake translates to a great dinner for four! The place resembles Golden Corral, and brought back those good old memories of the Golden Corral trips, and chocolate fountains. It felt super strange eating straight white people food, and American tacos again. I ate a dinner roll for the first time in a year, which felt like biting into a delicious buttery cloud.
Not a lot of crazy things happened this week, it was just a regular missionary week. We are already half way through this transfer and will probably get a new companion in three weeks. Probably a new area too but I am really excited for another big change! Also I hit my year mark in the mission this Friday... Holy cow time flies!!

I love this scripture and I hope you do too:

Alma 9: 26 And not many days hence the Son of God shall come in his glory; and his glory shall be the glory of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace, equity, and truth, full of patience, mercy, and long-suffering, quick to hear the cries of his people and to answer their prayers.

I love you all and thanks so much for the prayers in my behalf. Have a great week everyone!

Elder Jones

July 11 2016

I know it's a long one but bare with me and I think you might find something to take away from my experiences this last week!

On Monday night we celebrated the wonderful day of our nations independence. Famous rebels such as John Hancock collaborated together to write a "we're going to do what we want" letter to King George III. We as missionaries, celebrate this rebellious holiday by obediently returning to our apartment at 7:00pm, before major festivities commence. From our four-story apartment just outside of downtown we could see impressive firework shows in a 360 degree panorama that kept us occupied for about an hour. I would have taken a picture but it just does not capture the splendor of the moment, and sloppy attempts to do so would be attempting to describe the indescribable. Watching safely from our building we did see some firework accidents though, and bottle rockets being shot at sheds and not the sky. It was probably better that we stayed inside then, because I heard that 60 people were shot in Chicago.
There was a member from a nearby ward who wanted to go on visits with us since he is preparing to serve a mission in a few months. We meet him at our church building and he had a few contacts he wanted to go to. We said heck yeah and rode our bicycles to the address. Before we knocked on the first door he told us that the grandmother of the person who we would visit is nice enough but will tell us straight off the bat that she is not interested. We knocked the door, and the grandmother answered anf let us in. She ended up being the only one there and we started to talk to her a little bit.

It turns out that a good portion of her family are members of the church and have been talking to her a while. However, she knows little to nothing concerning our doctrine, and it amazes me the things people think about the Book of Mormon. Her assumption was that it was a biography of the life of Joseph Smith. We left her with it, and invited her to read some passages in it. Speaking a little bit more about the Book of Mormon is also ceases to amaze me how disinterested people are in the Book of Mormon. Our claim that there were Christians on the American continent 3,000 years ago who wrote a book that we can read, understand, and be edified by should in my mind peak more interest than a response that all religion is the same and nothing matters.

Speaking of the power of the Book of Mormon I would like to share a story of a man who's life has been changes by faith derived from this piece of holy writ. Two months ago Elders Phillips and Erekson were walking in the park and a man ran up to them and started to yell at them. He screamed a bunch of horrible things about Joseph Smith and said that he was a pervert, and then walked away. Three days later when they were walking down that street they see the man again. He walked up to the pair of wary Elder's and apologized for what he said. He accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and they parted ways. A few days following that they found him siting in a park. He was exited to
share with the Elder's what he read in the Book of Mormon. He was reading in the first chapters and was confused how Laban was in possession of the brass plates, and then embarked in research to find
out how he received them. He found out how Laban (I am unaware of any historical background to that personally, though) was in possession of the plates at that time. He has been reading the book consistently ever since that point, as well. A little background on this man, to make this story a little cooler. He is a really intelligent man who was formally quite wealthy and successful. However, due to a drinking problem he has been unable to work, and has been roaming the streets. He has no telephone, and he does not want to meet at his impoverished apartment. All the contacts that the Elder's have had with the man have been random encounters in the parks and streets. A week later
during a District Finding Activity that we held in another park he came up to us, and told us that he gave his Book of Mormon away. A friend of his saw that he was reading the book, and asked him about it. The friend, being wary of it, asked how the book can actually help him. Not really knowing how to answer his question, he just decided to share how it has helped him, and gave his Book of Mormon to his friend. We gave him another and since then his life has really been changing. Even though he has not completely quit drinking yet, he has gotten sober enough to start working again. His anger towards Joseph Smith has been replaced with faith in him, as a prophet of God.

Other than that our investigators are doing well. We have a baptism in two weeks, and this week put another one of our investigators on date to be baptized the following week. Marco, an investigator who has been meeting with missionaries for the last two years is finally ready to take the step of baptism. After fighting with alcoholism for a long time, and fear of his employer to give him Sundays off halted it for a while, he is ready to take that small step for man, and big step for mankind. If anyone would like to do some praying for investigators that we are teaching pray for the Muñoz family.

Elder Jones

Happy 4th of July!! 2016

Leaving late from the apartment we hustled through the Chicago streets to make the twenty minute ride to the chapel. Arriving just on time we quickly locked our bikes, wiped off the sweat, put on our suit coats and tried to look as dignified as we could walking into the building. We entered into the chapel and saw forty missionaries sitting in wait with white, blood-less, confusion upon their faces. Elder Vandenhazel and I sat on the third row and sat in eager anticipation along side them. Ten minutes later we hear the door open and a bunch of people hurry in. A short, stout farmer walks in with a big smile. "Well, don't you all look so serious," he said, as he walked over to shake all of our hands. Welcome to Chi-Town President Bingham. That was our introduction to our new mission president. The week before we went to the famous Chicago botanical gardens with President Woodbury as a goodbye gift on P-Day. I have gotten quite accustomed to the tender natured, tall, older businessman and it was sad to see him go. It is amazing to see the variety of people all fighting for the same cause. President Bingham is from a tiny farming town near Manti, Utah. He was a seminary teacher for many years, and an institute teacher at Snow College. He is a farmer and his stature and speech display such a lifestyle. He has like ten children as well. His youngest two are twin girls of sixteen years. They, along with a son who returned from a mission in El Salvador a week earlier, are here with the president. He is a strict, fiery man and so we will see what more changes will occur in the near future.

We still have been meeting with the old man named Luis, the one who got mad at us for laughing. He likes to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk. We have been trying to figure out a way to actually teach him. We went in for a lesson with him on Saturday and he starts out by telling us that he is not going to talk, and let us teach him. I was very exited and we preceded. However, it was not the case because it was just the same as usual. We ended up teaching the Word of Wisdom, because he has shown his desire to quit smoking and drinking, even before we taught it. After the lesson we received a text from a member asking us to teach Gospel Principles class the next day, about the Word of Wisdom (God's Law of Health) as the topic. Well, Luis came to church the next day, and thought that we taught the topic just for him. Also huge blessing/side note to throw into this story about how the Lord watches out for us missionaries. I had accidentally left my bike unlocked for the entire hour long lesson and it was still there when we got out!! I have heard countless stories of missionary bikes being stolen and I thank the Lord I don't have one of those stories yet! I don't know how many of you remember me speaking of Elder Jensen, one of the biggest reasons I made it through my first area happy as a Jones, but now he is my zone leader after 6 months being separated! I am so stoked to have my great friend close again. Another big change in my mission district is Hermana Rowbury, from somewhere in Idaho, just went home last week and this is only significant because she has been in my district for over 7 months now so it's a bit weird!

Well I hope you all have a very explosive, fantastic, and safe FOURTH OF JULY!
Love you all so much and thanks for your support!

Also shoutout to my buddy Nate Taylor who returns home from his missionary service tomorrow! Which I could be there but the works still goes on and I am excited to be a part of it here.

Elder Jones

June 27 2016

We have been teaching an old man lately, named Luis. I will describe a one-of-a-kind experience but I first need to describe the investigator. He does not like the Catholics at all, and has not been attending church for a long time. He reads the Bible a lot, and knows it pretty well. He went through heart surgery recently as well. When he talks he looks, and sounds like he is yelling at you. He gets pretty worked up when he talks. During the lesson for some reason Luis was making an impersonation of someone laughing and he laughed for a second exactly like SpongeBob. Being myself, who is a pretty giggly guy in the first place, I starting cracking up and we giggled for a good minute straight while trying to hide it by looking around.  After that he preceded to yell at us for fifteen minutes in Puerto Rican Spanish about how we should not laugh becuase he is a serious guy. I cannot fully describe the experience and Elder Vandenhazel and I are the only ones who can really understand the grandeur of the whole event. He was so angry that at one point I could not understand what he was saying, like at all. It was a weird situation. He also came to church on Sunday. He does not like Elder Vandenhazel or I at all, but likes the message that we teach and wants to learn more.

This week I went on exchanges with Elder Erekson in my area. He is a really good missionary and we had a lot of fun. We came from the MTC together and our great friends. This exchange was no less than extraordinary because we had the fantastic opportunity to go to the temple with two recent converts. My one that we baptized a few weeks ago, Giovanni, and the hermanas convert Cristian. We are super close with him too so that's great. I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to do the ordinance with them because that's an unusual one for missionaries, but to my surprise and great pleasure I was able to do the baptisms in English and Spanish for a number of people. Oh my
goodness it was such an experience!

Those are pretty much the highlights of the life of Elder Jones this week. Thanks so much for all the support and love. I know this church is true. Keep the faith and the faith will keep you! :)

Elder Jones
   My adobale face you all miss so much.
Didn't get to go to a game but seeing the stadium was pretty cool.

 My adorable face you all miss so much.

This is our calling card.

June 20 2016

I have been sick like all week. I think I'm coming out of it though. I told a bunch of people yesterday at church and all the little Mexican ladies start up about their age old family remedies and stuff so I was gifted about a pint of honey and some lemon juice plus cough drops for days! Haha way fun:)  Mom ,You think that's hot? I remember playing soccer in that weather in Utah. Here it is not even 90 and I have been about to drops all day! I think I lost about 10 pounds in sweat. No joke. Sorry I don't think I will get to send out my weekly letter this week but... Maybe.  If I have time during our noche de hogan (Family home evening) I will.

June 13 2016

Every Monday night we have a Family Home Evening with the bishops family, that we can bring investigators or less-active members too. We brought two less-active members and they brought a friend of theirs. It was a great night. Elder Vandenhazel and I also brought the dessert. I wanted to get a little bit creative instead of something normal like cookies or brownies,  so we made mashed up some grand crackers to line a dish, and filled it with pudding. It was super weird. Especially since the pudding was neon green. Anyway, I say that it was a success, and we really got our creative juices flowing. Just for the record everyone loved it so if any of you receive my companions weekly
do not believe what it says about this night... 😉

President Woodbury conducted his last Zone Meeting this week. It will be weird to see him go, but he is happy to. He showed us pictures of President Bingham and his family and told us a lot about them. He is a Seminary teacher from the Manti area. He is a ranch guy who I hear "feeds sheep"...hehe, missionary joke...anyway...

An Elder from Chicago 3rd who served a mission in Mexico City just came back on Wednesday and so we had a party for him. There are a few missionaries who came back from South America recently and it has made me very grateful to serve in a country that has water without parasites, and food that is edible. He shared a story about teaching a man who came to church every Sunday with his family, and had been doing so for thirty years. He had talked to a lot of missionaries but was never baptized. He baptized the man when he was in Mexico. Small world because the recent convert I talked about who came here from Mexico City, named Adrian was baptized by that man. The returned
missionary has been coming out with us finding a lot and Elder Vandenhazel and I have learned a lot about getting in the doors to teach people. He is a really dynamic guy, who is also a really good

Alright so time for the highlight of my week!! :) I was thinking about what I could say for this a few days ago and was a little worried because this week was... Boring. My companion helped me out though last night when we arrived home. We enter our house to find a giant man eating moth on our blinds! (Well he has said it was man eating. Honestly it was about the size of maybe two fingers. Still
considerable size...) So I tell my companion to kill it as I go to put my bike away. I come back to find him standing on a chair in front of our sink with a napkin in hand about to put it over the bug. As he gets close however, the bug made it evident that he wasn't going down without a fight. As Elder Vandenhazel goes to put the napkin over it he flies up and starts fluttering like mad and my comp gives a little scream as he jumps off of the chair. To both of our dismay (and I'm not gonna lie a little to my personal enjoyment) he flung the chair backwards into our oven which proceeded to shatter into a million pieces all over the apartment. The moth was then lost for another twenty minutes till we tracked it down and went HAM till my companion threw it out of the apartment and slammed the door. I will send pics:)

I love you all and thanks for the support:)

Elder Jones
OOPS that is broke now!

June 6 2016

One of our members who lives on a third story apartment complex was getting rid of their television and needed some help hauling it down the stairs and into the alley for disposal. We get there and discover that it is an enormous, old-style television with thicker glass than that of a nuclear bunker. We hauled that baby down the stairs and into the alley. We took it around the back staircase and I momentarily contemplated the consequences of just throwing it off the ledge instead of the long and awkward decent to the bottom, but we fortunately did not throw it off a three story building. With that in mind we have been providing weekly service for a charity organization called La Casa Norte. At one of their locations we sort, and...sort clothing for a few hours. Those we interact with there can only be described as a perfect product of Chicago's modern, younger, and more liberal culture. It is way different from first generation Hispanics living in the US. Hispanics that require our time and focus. Sorting though much clothing for a few hours every week has taught me some other things as well. First, I do not know a lot about women's clothing, but should be proficient enough when I
return. Second, based upon the clothing donated and given out at this location, the homeless may be looking like church going folk, or bald CEOs more than homeless. There is an unbelievable amount of both women and men's suits, brand-new $60 button up dress-shirts, and purple
three-piece suits that come through this place. Way weird.

We met with several new investigators this week. I think that some of the most prepared people in Chicago are from reformed Christian churches. The best way to describe one family who we began teaching this week would be people who are searching in every way they know how for truth
and direction. We ran into the father a few weeks ago and during our lesson he said that they have been praying for religious direction before we came by. There is such a difference when we teach and talk to those who actually are searching for truth. Those who are actually doing as much as they know how to follow God without hypocrisy, and with full intent.

I went on exchanges with a missionary in our District named, Elder Phillips on Friday. This week has been especially hard so it was a nice break to just go out on an exchange. We ended up using the day to fix my iPad in downtown Chicago (obviously Elder Phillips wasn't complaining) and were there for a good couple of hours. By the way the Apple Store in Chicago is a must see for all you iPhone lovers. We also went to this little old ladies apartment to help her put in an air conditioning unit for her house. We were supposed to meet this member there with a hand drill but the guy never even showed up! We ended up walking away from a hot house and an unhappy lady:( not good. All in all I say it was a great week though!
Building with pieces of stone from all over the world in it.  This is from SLC temple

May 30, 2016

I having been writing so much lately that today I will just send pictures.  The Gospel is true and may it bring peace to your lives.  Love Elder Jones

Pictures of late

Beautiful art in the city 

No Hands!  mom   I am getting really good at this.

May 16, 2016

Hello everybody from Chicago! I am sending this email just so you all know I am still alive and preaching. This week I actually had a way cool encounter with some people of other faiths which I will talk about a little later. Real quick to catch everyone up! I am in my second area right now with my fourth companion in the field. My ward is Chicago 3rd and my area covers pretty much all of downtown. (That's not really where we proselyte too often but I like telling everyone that's where I serve). My companions name is Elder Vandenhazel and he is from the salt lake area and has the exact same amount of time as me in the mission!

This week we had two exchanges (for some reason unknown to me) and the first was on Tuesday. Elder Erekson and I were together and I had the greatest luck ever! We had an appointment with one of their investigators named Marco. He is a bike expert and knows how to fix my bike when a screw comes way out on the way there. Way good guy.

Quick experience on miracle prayers, we had a zone meeting on Wednesday and it was a chilly morning so I put my gloves in my pockets before we went out. I never put them on and when we got to the church I found that one of them was no longer in my pocket. After zone meeting I said a prayer and had all of the elders in my district say a prayer. Then I retraced my steps to our house (which was super weird because that day I decided to take every alley way in Chicago to get to the building) and I found it!! I couldn't believe it but it was in the middle of the road, two streets away from my house. Later that evening we happened to run into this crowd of people with signs and protesting phrases. As I walked up one of them said, "this must be divine intervention, we were just about to end this march against violence with a prayer". I was like what the heck?? So they proceeded to ask us to say a prayer with them so we all joined hands and asked God to keep the people safe and it was very interesting.

I know this is like a day day by and probably way boring, but on Thursday we had a surprise menudo visit. For those of you don't know, menudo is the most disgusting thing a person could possibly put in their mouth. I had an experience in Gurnee where I had two eat bites and then the hermana made me a quesadilla and I didn't have to finish it, but I wasn't getting out of it that easy this time. We set up an appointment with this less active and as we sat down she said, "do you like menudo?" And I almost died right there. I am proud to say that I drained my entire bowl with the help of a lot of coke. ( I had given up soda 2 years ago but it helps the yuck go down)

Last thing real quick I just wanted to tell you all about our baptism that we had on Saturday. His name is Giovannie and I have been teaching him ever since I got to this area so I was so hyped. I also got to confirm him a member in sacrament which makes that my second time in this ward. Love you all and thanks so much for your support!!

Elder Jones

May 9 2016

Best day ever! When you have way fun family skype calls on Mother's day :) thanks mom for everything and you should get your card... Soonish;)

Soo... This week we had this way funny experience when we were looking for some less actives and we went to their address and this black girl named Juhquita (pronounced how I spelled it.... I think) and she was like, "oh those people are the land lords, you want me to shoot them a text?" And I was like ya! So I have her text this guy with our number and that we want to come over and he calls us like 10 minutes later!! So we totally went over and had a much needed dinner;) haha and met this fam! They kind of live out of our area though so we are now passing them over to the other elders. I also got to contact a couple groups of black kids in the ghetto part of our area cuz we were down there for some reason. And this one was playing ball and I was like let me get one and I air balled two times in front of them and they were like nah you can't ball and then I was like nah I'm hustlin y'all and I drained the next one so lucky me;) haha and it was cool!  We had an interview for our investigator Giovanni with President Woodbury and he passed! So that is going down on Saturday:) umm... I think that is a lot of stuff compared to usual :)

Elder Jones

May 2, 2016

So mom we get our of church at 4 so I can talk to you next week after that for Mother's day. So excited hopefully Kalen and I can both call at the same time if it works for him.

This week like you know I had a visit from Jeremy and Brandi Jamison from Utah. They were in Chicago for Jeremy's work so I was able to meet them for lunch. It was raining and we had to ride bikes but we got there early so I was mostly dry when they arrived. I am so glad they got to text you pictures of us.  It was so much fun to see them.

I found a street named after Grandpa he is famous everywhere

April 25, 2016

Thanks for the birthday present box full of stuff. Mom you asked me to video tape opening the present from Kalen so here goes. I loved, loved, loved the present from Kalen. I am just going to send a video of me opening it and you will know how cool it was.
(note from mom: Kalen sent Kelly a personalized custom made scripture case from Bolivia ) Listen for Kelly to say that squirrels have feathers it's pretty funny.

April 18, 2016

Wow! Tell Will I am so proud of him for getting his Eagle way cool k? And Ally is so cute in her birthday photos:) And no I haven't got the rain jacket yet but my zonies called me yesterday and said they had something for me so I assume that is it but it hasn't rained for like a week now. I hope we aren't out of the season for it right before I have an actual jacket.. Haha
Alright so here is some more about me cuz I know that's all you wanna hear:) So my companion right now as of two weeks is named Elder Vandenhazel. We get along fine and I don't mind him. He went to the Provo MTC because his Spanish was supposedly "advanced". He is my first non-native companion right? And apparently down in Blue Island (his previous and only other area in the mission) they had a very high Mexican population. Mostly from like two different cities that he knew super well. Well here in our ward, and in my last ward as well, we don't have very many Mexicans at all. Like they are there and stuff but we have tons of people from all over South America and they speak differently than the Mexican dialect. So we are in one of our first lessons when he got here with this super old lady that we call Abuelita who is from Peru. And she speaks very... Peruano :) haha so like halfway through our time there he looks at me while she is speaking to him and says, "dude what is she saying to me?" Hahaha and I laughed so hard!! I have said that so many times to my other companions but now I am so used to all the other accents that I understand them perfectly and it was just funny:) so I am not very used to the Mexican accent actually and it's very easy to pick out for the most part. So some things that have happened since he has been here is I crashed twice on my bike, I don't think I told you about the first one. It was really cold one night and we woke up to a bunch of ice on the roads. And we had an appointment at 10 am so the ice was still there when we were out. So I was just going and all of a sudden my tires flew out from under me and I slid with my bike for like 20 feet on ice and it was awesome. Also we have been doing tons of work with inactives and have found a couple of families that the elders didn't know about but the members do so we are working with them now:) and ya... It's all going well:)
-Elder Jones

April 11, 2016

That is great that you guys are doing missionary work in the neighborhood. I can't wait until Kalen goes home so he can show you guys how good he is at it now. I still am not very good at being a missionary but I'm learning more and more! Every companion I get helps me be better at teaching... Man I really still am terrible at teaching though. I forget like the biggest parts of every single lesson. And I get way flustered so I talk fast and who knows if they can understand a white kid throwing words at them, but I have fun wherever I go:) Conference was great! Did I tell you I got a new companion. So his name is Elder Vandenhazel. He is actually younger than I am. His birthday is in June and he came out at the exact same time I did. He went to the Provo MTC instead of Mexico. He is from Salt Lake. We don't have any pictures together yet and my iPad still it terrible with memory so I can't take any but if we do sometime today, cuz we are going downtown with Elder Peralta, and if I can upload them I will send them to you:)  Oh and I crashed on my bike today...
So let's see how good you are at understanding my story in spanish?

 Qué pasa mama? :) quería decirte una cuenta cuando yo estaba en mi última área. Fui con mi compañero a la mall en pday para comprar algunas cosas. Y en esa experiencia encontramos este muchacho que nos reconoció. Entonces yo pare para hablar acerca de algo que él quiere. Primero nos dijo que su nombre era "Rooster!" Y dijo eso con fuerza. Era chistoso porque sabía que no estaba usando drogas el, pero estaba en la forma de si. Y nos dijo muchas cosas sobre las eternidades y como espacio es en actualidad un oyó negro) y cosas locas así. Fue muy raro pero aprendí que algunas personas son locas aún que aparecen muy normal.

April 4, 2016

So new stuff...First my comp is being transferred! He is going down to Indiana with Elder Palmer!! I am getting a guy named Elder Vandenhazel. I ride bikes everyday and we do work. Ya I gained a ton of weight in Gurnee but it's all falling off my stomach finally but my thighs are getting huge so my pants still barely fit. thanks to the bikes.  I didn't get my haircut last week because we didn't make it but I am in the shop of our member right now to get it done.  Make sure you send a rain jacket because it's pretty wet around here every day.  That's all for the week.  Here is Zone conference from last week and my haircut.

March 28, 2016

This week was crazy fun and I can't wait to send you the picture of our rainy day. That's a funny story too:) but agenda wise it's all the same. Appointments, contacting, church, more appointments. Elder Rejas and I are really good at getting appointments and having people to talk to.
Chicago is so great! ;) and I am getting a hair cut today. I realized it looks terrible when we went to the sealing on Saturday for David Lovato who was a good member friend of mine in Gurnee. Someone at the wedding told me my hair looked shaggy. So I will cut it today:) So we actually missed the temple sealing which we thought was at noon, we got there at 11:45 and we thought we had time to spare. Everyone was outside and we were like sweet we will go in together and they said... Ya you missed it. But we were in all the pictures at least!! :)

Don't forget to look up the Logan Square building in Chicago Illinois! :) that is what my building is called and I'm sure they have pics of it. It is super cool cuz it has under ground parking and I've heard that it is the only church that has that. We live in just a regular old building. It's only like two stories and we live upstairs. We have to carry our bikes up and down everyday cuz we keep them inside. We don't really decide whether to bus or bike anymore we just bike because we don't have bus passes. So we have to bike no matter what which is evident from last week when it poured on us. We didn't get to see the river green for St. Patricks Day... We forgot to go so we just missed out. I haven't loaded any pictures lately because I have been having major problems with storage on my iPad. I have been doing awesome though and I love Elder Rejas. We get along great. He is 22 and from Vegas.

-Elder Jones                       This is me riding a bike in the rain for an hour.

March 21, 2016

Here are some thoughts from the week. Every time we have the wonderful opportunity to eat with and teach members it is amazing. It is such a safe environment to testify and every time we do it my testimony grows.

So an interesting teaching moment this week... Well Elder Agre and I went on exchanges yesterday and we had a lesson with the two kids of our recent convert and it was... More than interesting. The older one who is 14 has some real interest and had great questions and is awesome. His brother on the other hand was being more difficult. We were able to get through to the older one I think and I hope we can baptize him soon.  That was definitely an experience that made my journal.

Cool story from last Tuesday when I bought my bike:) crazy cool story!! Pretty long tho so gear up:) Now that I am in the city I need a bike no more car for me.
      So we went to the bike shop and the guy says "hey what can I do for you" and I said I'm looking for a bike and I gave him my price range of like 200-250 and the guy goes, "alright well let me refer you to some shops that are more in your range" hahaha and I was like Ouch;) but there was another guy in the back that chimes in, "oh wait wait wait, I think I might have something for you" and he runs downstairs and pulls out this bike. Now I was going in there looking for a street bike type like all the other missionaries you know? So he pulls out this army green bike that just.. well it just shocked me. He's like check this thing out. And so I look at it and I'm a little skeptical and he says hop on it and ride around for a sec. So I jump on it and ride around and I loved it. It was super smooth and rides great and it was basically everything I needed. As well as my comp said, "dude that bike is just like you. It fits your personality" and that sold me. So I go back in and ask how much and he says, "well Alex owns the bike" (who apparently is a guy that works there), "and he is gonna be in to work in like two minutes but I think he wants 250 for it so just wait and ask him". So I do and this Colombian guy walks in and I say I like the bike and I say how much? And he says $300. And I was like awe... I know I can get something for 250 and this wasn't what I was even looking for so I was giving up right there. So I turn to the first guy and say oh well and then he turns to Alex and goes, "hey Alex give him your bike for 250". And he is like... "Sure". 😏 it was so cool:) and that's my story:)
Elder Jones


March 14, 2016

Hello everyone from downtown Chicago!! I love my new area.

I know I haven't sent a group email in a while and so once again I will apologize for that... But on a great note, I have some news for you all this week!

First off we had a baptism on Saturday and I had the amazing opportunity to confirm her yesterday during ward conference. To be fair she was already on date when I got here but I have been able to be a part of the whole thing. I even got to be in the water! my companion wasn't sure he would be able to lift her up so I got to help and how awesome was that! I am a firm believer that the spirit helps you with words and blessings much more then you are speaking a language you don't know. So I am grateful for that.

Something else that is cool about my area right now is that it is the "blessing area". Now I see why they call it that. In my last area I am pretty sure we gave two blessings in my six months there and I only participated in one. In this area we gave four blessings in my first week. It is so cool!! It is such a pleasure for the missionaries and priesthood holders, as well as those being blessed to take part in these wonderful ordinances!

Thank you for your support and letters please keep sending them.
Elder Kelly Jones

March 7 2016

Sorry about the blackout last week. When you move to a new area you have to reset some passwords on your iPad with new area and email so that they can send you the ones that apply to your area. I didn't know that cuz this is my first area change. Haha so I got it figured out:)

I am so proud of Ally for learning the viola so cool! I can't wait to hear her play everything when
I get home! I can play clocks by Coldplay on the piano:) so that's cool. Chicago rocks:) I don't know if I told you but downtown is in my whole area:) most areas of the mission don't have any of downtown and only a few cover parts of it. Mine is the only one Spanish speaking that covers 100% of downtown!! You don't even know how cool that is:) Everyone else has to ask permission to go there and I receive revelation about the people that live there!! How cool is that? If you come get me definitely bring everyone you can cuz I have some stuff to show you:) I can't wait till I am a pro at the city. So about my comp.. Elder Rejas, is the best guy in the world. I love him and he is hilarious. He is 22 and has almost as good of a knowledge of 80's music as me and an even better knowledge of the movies. He is from Vegas and is just a solid guy.
So ya my area is great! We bus every day and occasionally take the train... Every few hours actually;) My district is hilarious too!!

Elder Jones

Feb 22 2016

So sorry that I wasn't able to get an email out last week. It's because I just moved (got transferred) into a new area!! I was super busy last Monday getting ready. So I officially live in the city of Chicago now! My new comp is Elder Rejas from Lima Peru he has been out 6 months.
How cool is that?? Just a little of what I do now, no more car and a lot of walking. We take the bus or train to wherever we need to go. Downtown is in my area and it is so much fun!

Way cool but some information about here: the church building that I meet in is called the Logan Square building and it is the only LDS church building with under ground parking. Not sure if that's true but I was told so and I believe it cause it's cool so... Someone check that out for me:) I already miss my member families in Gurnee but I can't wait to meet the people of Chicago 3rd ward.

On the spiritual side God lives. I just want all of you to know that I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and I know he helps all of us with every part of our lives. If you can't see it you just need to look
harder. I love this gospel and I love all of you. Thank you so much for your support of me!

Feb 15 2016

Hey mom isn't it your birthday today? Well happy birthday then. Have a great day without me. I know you can't but just try anyways maybe the girls can make you a cake.

So Elder Jensen is in Blue Island and he has till October of this year before he goes home. I know nothing about my new area. I will have another native so I will not have had a white companion yet in the field. I have no idea what apartment it will be. I guarantee it's not gonna be one I've been to before. Everybody is walking right now. It's too cold to bike. I am in a biking area so maybe in the spring. I am busy today with packing and moving. It's February and I'm not shoveling everyday.. Little disappointed to be honest;) they tell us this is gonna be one of the lightest snowfall years in a long time. So great. Right when I get here and I wanna see some 6 feet days and we get the shaft:(

Have a great week.
Elder Jones

Feb 8 2016

Hello everybody!!!

This is Elder Jones from Chicago Illinois, in case anyone forgot. I know it's been a long time since I sent a weekly email but I have two excuses this time! During both of my last two pdays the elder around me here in Gurnee have had trouble with emails but it's all good now!

For any who does not know I will be hitting my six month mark of serving here next week and I am so excited! I don't think they will be throwing me any parties but a six months missionary is a cool missionary here (at least that's what they tell me).

In the last two weeks some cool things that have happened were deer tacos, way cool black ladies, and the rabbit that I almost caught. So the deer tacos were from a super awesome Mexican lady with a big white husband. He shoots and she cooks and that's how it works in their house. Deep fried deer meat is a delicacy here. The black ladies story happened as we were leaving a medical clinic (we were there for my comp who was having back trouble) these two ladies see and us and flip out going, "are you guys Mormons?! Hey look at the Mormons!" We proceeded to have a stirring conversation about how they knew the missionaries in Ohio and they loved the "Holy Spirit" that they brought into their house but they lost contact when they moved here. So we gave them our number and are still hoping they call to have us over! And the rabbit... Let's just say we didn't have dinner one night. And then let's just say we still went hungry. Rabbits are way fast.

That's about it for me! Thanks so much for all your support. love the Lord everyone and it will all work out!
-Elder Jones

Feb 1 2016

Bad news I slipped and fell on ice and my Ipad went flying and broke. Our plans changed last Pday and we got to go to the city and hang with Jensen:) I love Elder Jensen!!! I am most likely being transferred. Six months in Gurnee and it's almost time for me to head somewhere else, most likely south side of Chicago mom;) haha how crazy is that?
So for the last... At least a month and a half:) Hermano Obregon has been teasing me that if I don't speak enough Spanish that he will make menudo when we come to eat. And finally he did it!! Last Monday we show up and they are like are you ready? And the whole time I was always like bring it on. Ya I can do it. Obviously you know me;) and they set it in front of me and oh my gosh... Look at that picture. It looks disgusting. It is cow intestines in a nasty soup is literally the whole dish. I took two bites and told them that it was horrible and they just started laughing at me. They had chicken ready for me in case I hated it. I feel bad for Kalen cause he has to eat that kind of stuff with a smile on his face. Here the members do it more as a joke.  The stuff that looks hairy really is.

Jan 25, 2016

So this is George we went in to get haircuts and he said "I need a haircut soon" so I said "I can shave your head". So he let me do it.

Update on lake slidding: The neck is gonna be fine. I think I am already all good but I am scheduled tomorrow for a ct scan on head and neck just in case. We are doing laundry right now and pretty much no plans the rest of the day. Shout out to my cousin Noah for entering MTC!! Atlanta is going to love you.

On Wednesday we had the coolest opportunity to take part in a World Wide Missionary broadcast from the church. It was in the morning and Kalen and I were probably watching it at the same time:) how cool is that?! It was very inspirational and uplifting as we heard from Neil A Anderson and Dallin H Oaks. Super neat experience that no other missionaries have had in over 10 years. Then we actually had to go back to the doctors office for my companion this time because he is having back pain. On Thursday we had interviews with president and that was fun. Friday we went on exchanges. Ooh boy.
So exchanges. Elder Seger came to my area with me for the day. I would describe him as... A soul searcher. And I say that because if he wasn't asking me thought provoking questions like, "why are you here on a mission?" Then he was asking things like, "what kind of man do you think you'll be at the end?". You know me not much of a talker so I was sick of that before we got back to our house on Thursday night!! It was a great exchange for missionary work though we were able to contact a guy where I placed a Book of Mormon like 4 months ago and we had a lesson with this other guy that was just a stop by so it was a good day but man!! Elder Seger could talk the ears off of every relief society across the globe mom and I ain't kidding;)

Saturday was the bomb:) ELDER JENSEN CAME BACK UP FOR A BAPTISM!!!! It was so exciting!! :) he baptized a lady he had taught up here for a while so he came up with Elder Lee. he goes home in three weeks and he is the coolest guy. So they rode up here with president and then we had to take them to the train station afterward so I got to hang with Jensen for like and hour before the train. Then when we got to the station it was all closed down and apparently the train had left an hour before when they thought so we had to just drive them all the way to the mission home and it was great:) agh I miss Jensen he's a great kid!!