June 13 2016

Every Monday night we have a Family Home Evening with the bishops family, that we can bring investigators or less-active members too. We brought two less-active members and they brought a friend of theirs. It was a great night. Elder Vandenhazel and I also brought the dessert. I wanted to get a little bit creative instead of something normal like cookies or brownies,  so we made mashed up some grand crackers to line a dish, and filled it with pudding. It was super weird. Especially since the pudding was neon green. Anyway, I say that it was a success, and we really got our creative juices flowing. Just for the record everyone loved it so if any of you receive my companions weekly
do not believe what it says about this night... 😉

President Woodbury conducted his last Zone Meeting this week. It will be weird to see him go, but he is happy to. He showed us pictures of President Bingham and his family and told us a lot about them. He is a Seminary teacher from the Manti area. He is a ranch guy who I hear "feeds sheep"...hehe, missionary joke...anyway...

An Elder from Chicago 3rd who served a mission in Mexico City just came back on Wednesday and so we had a party for him. There are a few missionaries who came back from South America recently and it has made me very grateful to serve in a country that has water without parasites, and food that is edible. He shared a story about teaching a man who came to church every Sunday with his family, and had been doing so for thirty years. He had talked to a lot of missionaries but was never baptized. He baptized the man when he was in Mexico. Small world because the recent convert I talked about who came here from Mexico City, named Adrian was baptized by that man. The returned
missionary has been coming out with us finding a lot and Elder Vandenhazel and I have learned a lot about getting in the doors to teach people. He is a really dynamic guy, who is also a really good

Alright so time for the highlight of my week!! :) I was thinking about what I could say for this a few days ago and was a little worried because this week was... Boring. My companion helped me out though last night when we arrived home. We enter our house to find a giant man eating moth on our blinds! (Well he has said it was man eating. Honestly it was about the size of maybe two fingers. Still
considerable size...) So I tell my companion to kill it as I go to put my bike away. I come back to find him standing on a chair in front of our sink with a napkin in hand about to put it over the bug. As he gets close however, the bug made it evident that he wasn't going down without a fight. As Elder Vandenhazel goes to put the napkin over it he flies up and starts fluttering like mad and my comp gives a little scream as he jumps off of the chair. To both of our dismay (and I'm not gonna lie a little to my personal enjoyment) he flung the chair backwards into our oven which proceeded to shatter into a million pieces all over the apartment. The moth was then lost for another twenty minutes till we tracked it down and went HAM till my companion threw it out of the apartment and slammed the door. I will send pics:)

I love you all and thanks for the support:)

Elder Jones
OOPS that is broke now!

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