Aug 22 2016

My week was great mom! I am just getting used to the area and my members a little bit. We had to walk for a few days while my bike was in the shop (that was 60 bucks by the way and I hated that) and walking is the worst!! I would literally die if I served I a walking area. I am soooooo glad we actually don't have one of those in our mission. At least for Spanish... They are all bike or car. Walking is terrible! And I get this horrible tightness in my right foot if I walk for too long. I am so grateful that my last companion got some foot insole things in his last package before I got transferred and he gave them to me! Way cool guy.

So we had two awesome lessons this week. One was with the investigators that we found at the Catholic service charity thing. The ones who invited us over after we worked with them for a while. So apparently we had told them we would go back on Friday to see them again. Well I guess we weren't that serious about it and we didn't write it down so we forgot. So she calls us Saturday and goes, why didn't you come over yesterday?? And we were like uhh... So she said come over today! And we said ok:) so we went over and met the rest of the family which is the older sister and the dad. I told her what I wanted to study in college and she's like oh my boyfriend has a degree in physical science and stuff so how about I invite him over for the next time you come? Haha. Yes. So I am definitely looking forward to that. It also looks like we have some solid progressing investigators.

Our other cool lesson was last night with this investigator who is dating one of our members who is in another ward but goes to our ward and we visit. So we go planning to share a quick scripture because it was an active and the guy comes to church every week but while we were eating the nonmember friend of the daughter of our active (and the daughter is super less active by the way) walks in the door and sits down to eat. Before we get to the lesson we started talking about Joseph Smith and both the friend of the daughter, and the guy investigator start asking questions so we quickly changed lesson plan to restoration. It turned into a great experience where the guy learned a lot and accepted that God and Christ are different people (that was really hard) and the daughter's friend asked when she could come back when we were here to talk some more. Man can this area get any easier? I didn't think so until two way less actives called us this week out of the blue and asked when we were coming over. It's getting pretty annoying that all of this teaching is getting in the way of our finding time but... Hey we take what we can get ;)

Elder Jones

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