March 21, 2016

Here are some thoughts from the week. Every time we have the wonderful opportunity to eat with and teach members it is amazing. It is such a safe environment to testify and every time we do it my testimony grows.

So an interesting teaching moment this week... Well Elder Agre and I went on exchanges yesterday and we had a lesson with the two kids of our recent convert and it was... More than interesting. The older one who is 14 has some real interest and had great questions and is awesome. His brother on the other hand was being more difficult. We were able to get through to the older one I think and I hope we can baptize him soon.  That was definitely an experience that made my journal.

Cool story from last Tuesday when I bought my bike:) crazy cool story!! Pretty long tho so gear up:) Now that I am in the city I need a bike no more car for me.
      So we went to the bike shop and the guy says "hey what can I do for you" and I said I'm looking for a bike and I gave him my price range of like 200-250 and the guy goes, "alright well let me refer you to some shops that are more in your range" hahaha and I was like Ouch;) but there was another guy in the back that chimes in, "oh wait wait wait, I think I might have something for you" and he runs downstairs and pulls out this bike. Now I was going in there looking for a street bike type like all the other missionaries you know? So he pulls out this army green bike that just.. well it just shocked me. He's like check this thing out. And so I look at it and I'm a little skeptical and he says hop on it and ride around for a sec. So I jump on it and ride around and I loved it. It was super smooth and rides great and it was basically everything I needed. As well as my comp said, "dude that bike is just like you. It fits your personality" and that sold me. So I go back in and ask how much and he says, "well Alex owns the bike" (who apparently is a guy that works there), "and he is gonna be in to work in like two minutes but I think he wants 250 for it so just wait and ask him". So I do and this Colombian guy walks in and I say I like the bike and I say how much? And he says $300. And I was like awe... I know I can get something for 250 and this wasn't what I was even looking for so I was giving up right there. So I turn to the first guy and say oh well and then he turns to Alex and goes, "hey Alex give him your bike for 250". And he is like... "Sure". 😏 it was so cool:) and that's my story:)
Elder Jones


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