Dec 12 2016

For Christmas, since I will be in a new area... I don't actually know the plan yet! I am being transferred tomorrow. We found out Saturday what was happening and my comp is staying in the area and I will be moving over to Chi 2. Which, suffice it to say will be the most ghetto area I have so far served in. The guys there a couple of weeks ago told us about a shooting they witnessed that was pretty crazy. No worries though because... well just don't worry. Saying bye to my members was pretty hard in this area. I feel like now that I can speak Spanish, to an extent, I have been able to connect with them so much more than my other areas. I am super grateful for the time I have had here in Westchester! 

This week was pretty cool! A nice bang to leave with. I went on an awesome exchange with a greenie in my district on Tuesday. It was actually pretty rough because it was really cold and hard to contact. So we ended up doing a lot of stop buys that weren't home. I say this was an awesome exchange because I taught this greenie the art of sitting in portillos long enough for someone to come up to us! Which is pretty much what happened. Almost at the end of my cake shake, this man walks up and is like, "Hi elders! I used to go to your church. I think it's a sign I'm seeing you right now". And there you go. We found out he used to be investigating and wants to try again. He attended church for three years straight at one point but still fell away. Hopefully it's his time to come into the fold for real. 

My companion also dyed my hair this week. I am now almost blonde!  

Elder Jones
Lesson learned: don't walk down the hair color isle

Dec 5 2016

Hey mom! So ya we have been getting up and going places in the morning recently. It has been nice but I don't get to email till well into the afternoon. 
So yes we have a meal calendar that gets passed around the relief society on Sunday. We typically get about four appointments through that. Then we set up additional ones on our own with either investigators or members that didn't sign up that we wanna visit.  And we almost always have at least one meal a day with members. Not always though. Sometimes we have one in a week. It depends I guess.  We are teaching this guy named Luis Espinoza that we found out his son is a member. He lives in New York and is less active but super cool! And so we were teaching him one day and he told us that he was talking to his dad who lives in Mexico and his dad was like ya those missionary guys come over and sweep my house and stuff all the time!  So his dad is seeing the missionaries too and we didn't even know! :)
Elder Jones