March 28, 2016

This week was crazy fun and I can't wait to send you the picture of our rainy day. That's a funny story too:) but agenda wise it's all the same. Appointments, contacting, church, more appointments. Elder Rejas and I are really good at getting appointments and having people to talk to.
Chicago is so great! ;) and I am getting a hair cut today. I realized it looks terrible when we went to the sealing on Saturday for David Lovato who was a good member friend of mine in Gurnee. Someone at the wedding told me my hair looked shaggy. So I will cut it today:) So we actually missed the temple sealing which we thought was at noon, we got there at 11:45 and we thought we had time to spare. Everyone was outside and we were like sweet we will go in together and they said... Ya you missed it. But we were in all the pictures at least!! :)

Don't forget to look up the Logan Square building in Chicago Illinois! :) that is what my building is called and I'm sure they have pics of it. It is super cool cuz it has under ground parking and I've heard that it is the only church that has that. We live in just a regular old building. It's only like two stories and we live upstairs. We have to carry our bikes up and down everyday cuz we keep them inside. We don't really decide whether to bus or bike anymore we just bike because we don't have bus passes. So we have to bike no matter what which is evident from last week when it poured on us. We didn't get to see the river green for St. Patricks Day... We forgot to go so we just missed out. I haven't loaded any pictures lately because I have been having major problems with storage on my iPad. I have been doing awesome though and I love Elder Rejas. We get along great. He is 22 and from Vegas.

-Elder Jones                       This is me riding a bike in the rain for an hour.

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