April 11, 2016

That is great that you guys are doing missionary work in the neighborhood. I can't wait until Kalen goes home so he can show you guys how good he is at it now. I still am not very good at being a missionary but I'm learning more and more! Every companion I get helps me be better at teaching... Man I really still am terrible at teaching though. I forget like the biggest parts of every single lesson. And I get way flustered so I talk fast and who knows if they can understand a white kid throwing words at them, but I have fun wherever I go:) Conference was great! Did I tell you I got a new companion. So his name is Elder Vandenhazel. He is actually younger than I am. His birthday is in June and he came out at the exact same time I did. He went to the Provo MTC instead of Mexico. He is from Salt Lake. We don't have any pictures together yet and my iPad still it terrible with memory so I can't take any but if we do sometime today, cuz we are going downtown with Elder Peralta, and if I can upload them I will send them to you:)  Oh and I crashed on my bike today...
So let's see how good you are at understanding my story in spanish?

 Qué pasa mama? :) quería decirte una cuenta cuando yo estaba en mi última área. Fui con mi compañero a la mall en pday para comprar algunas cosas. Y en esa experiencia encontramos este muchacho que nos reconoció. Entonces yo pare para hablar acerca de algo que él quiere. Primero nos dijo que su nombre era "Rooster!" Y dijo eso con fuerza. Era chistoso porque sabía que no estaba usando drogas el, pero estaba en la forma de si. Y nos dijo muchas cosas sobre las eternidades y como espacio es en actualidad un oyó negro) y cosas locas así. Fue muy raro pero aprendí que algunas personas son locas aún que aparecen muy normal.

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