Sept 26 2016

Hello everyone!
This week was a blast! My new companion, Elder Luccion, is such a good guy! He is from Argentina and has committed to helping me learn his accent. Heck yes. So we made the switch this last Tuesday and really felt the lag of switching companions. I almost forgot how much transfers takes it out of you! Even if you are not the one leaving the area it is still a draining experience. So as far as that goes, we are stoked to get rolling in the work this week.

Just to introduce him to the area we took a trip to the hospital for Me. I try to be tough (not really) but I was having a pain in my side and chest. So after EKG and xray they found nothing and kicked me to the curb.

As far as roaches go I have good news. They are about as scarce as new investigators! Haha just kidding. But for real we have been kicking butt in this war. Probably because I can kill them and I'm pretty sure they can't kill me. Pretty sure.

We had a great time finding the other day! My favorite part was right at the end of the night we were blessed to teach the entire restoration to an attentive dude on his porch step! Gotta find joy in the little things right? :)

As always, thank you so much for your love and support. I know this work is true. I know it's fun to do. #ryhmesforthework Here is a picture of the new comp we are taking a break drinking some Watermelon Arizona

Elder Kelly Jones

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