Oct 17 2016

Hello everyone!

I don't have tons of time today but here are some experiences from the life of Elder Jones!

So this week was a definitely a victory in the apartment. I think I have done a poor job so far in describing the apartment we live in now and how we came to be there. I will now take this time to explain. So the companionship before me in this area were forced to move out of their apartment due to the inhuman amount of cockroaches. So, when they relocated to where we are now, they weren't able to bring much furniture due to its "contamination". Therefore! We have been sleeping without bed frames, studying with one desk, and eating on plastic plates for about 2 months. I don't want to sound needy, and maybe that's why we have gone so long with nothing, but we complained to our zone leaders and got hooked up with some furniture this week. We deep cleaned everything when we put it all in and kicked some roach butt and I am feeling much better about pretty much everything because of that.

Baptism! Got pushed back a week. So Carlos had his date set for this last Thursday, but unfortunately they had to push it back because of stake conference. He still wants me to baptize him though so I am not despairing. We also have the two Barrios kids who are on date for November fifth!

Those are the best things happening to us right now! I love you all and I know this church is true.
Drop me a line and say hi I need to hear from peeps.

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