Aug 15 2016

"Well this is pretty swell". If my new companion had a catchphrase that would definitely be it!

Buena Sememana everyone! Again for all of those who did not know I got transferred this last week. Yes I am sad to say that I had to leave the wonderful and always eventful area of downtown Chicago for the much less eventful but probably just as wonderful area of... Berwyn? I think that is what this place is called. I can't just say Chicago now and have everybody know what I'm talking about. A little bit about me and my new area though is this is the first place that I am serving in that is considered "south side". Previously, I had this misconception that south side literally meant there were shootings on every other street, the potholes were as big as pizzas, the cops were afraid to go outside, and the sun actually shone with less vigor. I am happy to report that the sun is pretty much the same. As for the other things......

Westchester is great! Oh did I say that is what my new ward is called? For some reason all of the missionaries around here pronounce it Bestchester. I think I will like it here:) My area is one of the smallest in the mission which is super weird for me but I guess I have been steadily downsizing since Gurnee so bring it on. Also I am still on my bike. Thank the blessed Lord! The apartment that I am now living in has previously had missionaries in it for just a month. Either way it I am already loving it here.

So I have two real quick experiences that I would like to share with you guys. The first was a miracle blessing containing a member, an air conditioner, and three sleepless nights for Elder Jones. So when I arrived the apartment was great except for our landlord only allows us to put one swamp cooler up in our house and for a polar bear like me, I need to be sleeping in an igloo to be happy. Needless to say after three restless nights and a lot of childish complaining on my part, a member calls in the middle of the day and asks is we would like a new swamp cooler. What the heck?? We quickly agreed and pretty soon had it installed in place of the old one and I found myself in need to give thanks:) the Lord watches out for us!

Number two! While contacting just this last Sunday, we found a couple of teenage boys on their porch doing pretty much nothing. We said hello and I got into a conversation about music and soccer and pretty soon the gospel. I was amazed by the answer of one if these boys to the question, "do you believe that there is a God?" He said, "well, I have never really thought about it. So I would say no." I find it strange that the first inclination from this generation is to not believe. I taught him how to pray and challenged him to do so but it left me feeling grateful to my parents for teaching me how to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

My invitation for all of you is to just pray this week. Ask God once again if he is there and he will tell you. It'll be fun:) my new address is 2601 South 59th Ave. Apt 12 in Cicero Illinois. 60804. Just in case any of you would like to send me a package or letter or anything:) I promise anything is welcome!! As always thanks for your love and support of me in my endeavors.

Elder Jones

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