April 18, 2016

Wow! Tell Will I am so proud of him for getting his Eagle way cool k? And Ally is so cute in her birthday photos:) And no I haven't got the rain jacket yet but my zonies called me yesterday and said they had something for me so I assume that is it but it hasn't rained for like a week now. I hope we aren't out of the season for it right before I have an actual jacket.. Haha
Alright so here is some more about me cuz I know that's all you wanna hear:) So my companion right now as of two weeks is named Elder Vandenhazel. We get along fine and I don't mind him. He went to the Provo MTC because his Spanish was supposedly "advanced". He is my first non-native companion right? And apparently down in Blue Island (his previous and only other area in the mission) they had a very high Mexican population. Mostly from like two different cities that he knew super well. Well here in our ward, and in my last ward as well, we don't have very many Mexicans at all. Like they are there and stuff but we have tons of people from all over South America and they speak differently than the Mexican dialect. So we are in one of our first lessons when he got here with this super old lady that we call Abuelita who is from Peru. And she speaks very... Peruano :) haha so like halfway through our time there he looks at me while she is speaking to him and says, "dude what is she saying to me?" Hahaha and I laughed so hard!! I have said that so many times to my other companions but now I am so used to all the other accents that I understand them perfectly and it was just funny:) so I am not very used to the Mexican accent actually and it's very easy to pick out for the most part. So some things that have happened since he has been here is I crashed twice on my bike, I don't think I told you about the first one. It was really cold one night and we woke up to a bunch of ice on the roads. And we had an appointment at 10 am so the ice was still there when we were out. So I was just going and all of a sudden my tires flew out from under me and I slid with my bike for like 20 feet on ice and it was awesome. Also we have been doing tons of work with inactives and have found a couple of families that the elders didn't know about but the members do so we are working with them now:) and ya... It's all going well:)
-Elder Jones

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