June 6 2016

One of our members who lives on a third story apartment complex was getting rid of their television and needed some help hauling it down the stairs and into the alley for disposal. We get there and discover that it is an enormous, old-style television with thicker glass than that of a nuclear bunker. We hauled that baby down the stairs and into the alley. We took it around the back staircase and I momentarily contemplated the consequences of just throwing it off the ledge instead of the long and awkward decent to the bottom, but we fortunately did not throw it off a three story building. With that in mind we have been providing weekly service for a charity organization called La Casa Norte. At one of their locations we sort, and...sort clothing for a few hours. Those we interact with there can only be described as a perfect product of Chicago's modern, younger, and more liberal culture. It is way different from first generation Hispanics living in the US. Hispanics that require our time and focus. Sorting though much clothing for a few hours every week has taught me some other things as well. First, I do not know a lot about women's clothing, but should be proficient enough when I
return. Second, based upon the clothing donated and given out at this location, the homeless may be looking like church going folk, or bald CEOs more than homeless. There is an unbelievable amount of both women and men's suits, brand-new $60 button up dress-shirts, and purple
three-piece suits that come through this place. Way weird.

We met with several new investigators this week. I think that some of the most prepared people in Chicago are from reformed Christian churches. The best way to describe one family who we began teaching this week would be people who are searching in every way they know how for truth
and direction. We ran into the father a few weeks ago and during our lesson he said that they have been praying for religious direction before we came by. There is such a difference when we teach and talk to those who actually are searching for truth. Those who are actually doing as much as they know how to follow God without hypocrisy, and with full intent.

I went on exchanges with a missionary in our District named, Elder Phillips on Friday. This week has been especially hard so it was a nice break to just go out on an exchange. We ended up using the day to fix my iPad in downtown Chicago (obviously Elder Phillips wasn't complaining) and were there for a good couple of hours. By the way the Apple Store in Chicago is a must see for all you iPhone lovers. We also went to this little old ladies apartment to help her put in an air conditioning unit for her house. We were supposed to meet this member there with a hand drill but the guy never even showed up! We ended up walking away from a hot house and an unhappy lady:( not good. All in all I say it was a great week though!
Building with pieces of stone from all over the world in it.  This is from SLC temple

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