Jan 18,2016

This week we got Horacio to church again and we had a lesson with two new investigators that we found in Mundelein and the ladies name was Alma so... Can you say baptism? ;) haha but we will see. Also funny story, we were tracking on a couple days ago and we knocked this guys house and he opens the door and we start our go to, "hi, we're missionaries of the" and we got to about there when he said, "it's too cold, go away". And then he proceeded to slam the door. My companion and I both just started laughing and that's been our joke when we don't wanna do something ever since. It's too cold! Haha it's great. We really are getting into the cold weather up here in Illinois. Yesterday, the high was 4. Degrees. That's death weather. Wind chill puts us at like negative ten all the time. it's great can you die of being too cold let's hope not. well that's my update! love ya all

Lesson for the week--- don't go slidding 20 feet across a frozen lake having so much fun that you fall down and hit your head and get a concussion. Big bump not fun.

Jan 11 2016

I was on exchanges with my district leader Elder Jensen for the last time. He got transferred and I am so sad:( he has been my district leader since I got here to the field and I am officially the "oldest" missionary in Gurnee 3rd ward. In time here obviously. My new district leaders name is Elder Seger and he is from California. This week we also found a couple of less active members that we are working on reactivating soon!
We work with less actives and do service for everyone we can and... That's about all! :) it really is a lot of fun serving up here and I love meeting and talking to more and more Hispanics:) they are the nicest people in the world and I have tons of respect for them!

So remember last week at the funeral I forgot to tell you the bishop who was conducting said that all the missionaries there were going to come up and sing a song... So we did!! you would have been so proud. That was the last time I got to see Hermana Knowles who is like my favorite person ever... she was the funniest! But now she is released and home in California.

Jan 4, 2016

Hi mom:)  Just super busy around here! New Years we went to an investigators house and made tamales with her and her mom. Thanks for the advice mom on service and for thinking of me when shoveling!  Also we shovel all the time here so I am not getting out of work!   I got sick this past week and it sucked so bad. Just now recovering. Me and Jensen went on exchanges on Sat and it was awesome. He is being transferred now though after being in this area for 7 and a half months now. Also Hermana Knowles is going home and I am so sad about that:( she is seriously my favorite person and I hope you will meet her one day. So Sunday we got permission from pres to sleep over in Chicago so that we could go to a funeral this morning at like 9. So we did that all morning and just got back to Gurnee this afternoon.  We slept on the floor... Well I actually didn't really sleep at all. And first I was on a table and then a rolly chair and then the floor. not comfortable at all... Now we are back and we have some things to do for Pday so gotta go.  Love Kelly 

Post from mom

It was so great to talk with Kelly on Christmas we were able to get Kalen on the computer and Kelly on the laptop and face them toward each other so the brothers could talk.  It was great to hear them speak Spanish with each other.  Hear is a picture of Kelly looking at us on the Ipad and Tracee in the corner.  Then all of us gathered around the screens.  This was the best Christmas present ever.

Dec 28, 2015

Not much time to write today.  I got my package and love all the stuff  you sent.  Tracee is boss at making beanies I love mine.  Thanks for the calendar with all the pictures. The pooporri spray you made was so funny I am sure it will come in handy with all the mexican food I eat. ;)  Have a Happy New Year.  So happy to be serving a mission and can't wait for all the great people I will meet this next year.

Dec 21, 2015

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas this week.  I am so grateful for my family and can't wait to talk to all of you in a few days.  So here are some pictures  my little Christmas tree and my only present, ward Christmas party and Janet she is 13 and is just like Tracee super fun and awesome. Her family speaks spanish but attends the English speaking ward.