Aug 1 2016

Hey mom! :) so today I have a special treat! Well as long as you like pictures of me;) we took a little adventure down to the lakefront at 4 in the morning for the sunrise! :) tell me what you think
So this was a pretty interesting week. Any missionary who tells you their life is boring is not trying hard enough!! To explain a little about the title of my email this week, we have this investigator, as
you know, named Luis Flores. He is a heavy smoker. You can be assured that inviting him to smoke ONLY 5 a day would be a huge improvement. He is already on the uphill he told us because he used to smoke about two packs a day and is down to only 15 buds! Hooray for effort! But yes our first invitation this week was please smoke only five cigs a day.

Sacrament was relatively peaceful this week. Right up until our recently reactivated member started moaning and falling on the floor! I honestly can't even describe this event. I was sitting on the same pew in the back when I saw everybody's heads start turning towards us. Somehow I didn't even notice until a brother came back to help the sister from falling. She ended up on the floor anyways passed out and there was an ambulance called. No worries everyone, we think she's ok now.
We had a baptism on Friday It was actually the niece of my recent convert Giovannie who we baptized a couple months ago and he actually baptized her too!! :) She was just here for the summer (two months) and she leaves tomorrow:) way cool huh??
We had a terribly fun week and I'd love to tell you tons more stories but I have to go! Thanks so much for all your support. Church is true!
Love you all

Elder Jones

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