May 9 2016

Best day ever! When you have way fun family skype calls on Mother's day :) thanks mom for everything and you should get your card... Soonish;)

Soo... This week we had this way funny experience when we were looking for some less actives and we went to their address and this black girl named Juhquita (pronounced how I spelled it.... I think) and she was like, "oh those people are the land lords, you want me to shoot them a text?" And I was like ya! So I have her text this guy with our number and that we want to come over and he calls us like 10 minutes later!! So we totally went over and had a much needed dinner;) haha and met this fam! They kind of live out of our area though so we are now passing them over to the other elders. I also got to contact a couple groups of black kids in the ghetto part of our area cuz we were down there for some reason. And this one was playing ball and I was like let me get one and I air balled two times in front of them and they were like nah you can't ball and then I was like nah I'm hustlin y'all and I drained the next one so lucky me;) haha and it was cool!  We had an interview for our investigator Giovanni with President Woodbury and he passed! So that is going down on Saturday:) umm... I think that is a lot of stuff compared to usual :)

Elder Jones

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