Happy Halloween!
I am feeling a lot better now! That lasted like almost two weeks of just sick crap. My nose is still stuffy always though.

Hey everyone! So I am literally experiencing my last Halloween on the mission. Can anyone else believe that? Me neither.

Well I have some great news for this week! We finished all of our teaching with the two Barrios kids this week and there baptism will be taking place on Saturday. I am so stoked! Baptisms really light the fire in missionaries and I am so glad to be apart of this special occasion for some children of God.

Just for a quick update, the war on our cockroaches is still waging but I feel that we won a great battle this last week. I came home to find one fleeing behind my fridge so we decided to pull it out and check behind. We found a couple of big ones and well... they are gone. Keep praying for us there.

The weather is cooling down here but our finding efforts are... well actually that is cooling us down as well. It is time for gloves and beanies here in Chicago and the smarter people just stay inside. It is great though because we can often find whole families at home!

If anybody likes to bake missionaries fresh treats in the fall hey, I'm still out here :)  Thank you all for your support! Love you guys so much!

Elder Jones

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