Aug 11, 2015

Bien hola everybody! Behind the gospel, Spanish is pretty much my favorite thing ever! To be able to preach the gospel in this amazing idioma is such a great blessing that I, and I´m sure my brother, can attest to. 

Ciudad de Mexico has the best weather and the nicest people that I have ever seen! I guess I haven´t really met a lot of people but the ones that I have are stupendous! If you know a bit of Spanish and say something to the nice people in the Comedor, they give you a little extra and I make good use of that:) 

My first Zone Leader left yesterday and it was incredible to me to see how quickly this gospel can bring people together because it was a hard thing to say goodbye to him! His spirit and experiences for the past three weeks have really been a testimony builder for me.

My best story for the week goes like this. My companion and I were teaching a lesson to our teacher/investigator and we were able to invite another missionary in our district to be a "member" for practice with that aspect of teaching. There was a point where he started bearing his testimony and so I grabbed my water bottle and started drinking when he asked me how to say something really weird in Spanish and I lost it and started laughing. I was still drinking so I kinda got some water in my nose and it came out real quick! I ended up spraying it on my companion instead of the investigator and the member and I thought it was so funny. So we laughed uncontrollably for like 3 minutes and the investigator had to try really hard not to laugh but my companion just ignored me and kept teaching which was even funnier. 

Life is super awesome here and I promise that I don't drive the spirit away like that on purpose! The spirit is actually my constant companion here and I couldn't be more grateful for the Lord´s blessings for me as a missionary!

You are all in my prayers and I wish you the best of everything! Please don´t forget Gods love in your lives because it is everywhere.
I love letters and emails so please write to me   I leave the MTC on Aug 31st.
Elder Kelly Jones
Illinois Chicago Mission
Mexico MTC
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A Madero
07230 Mexico City, Distrito Federal

Site for sending letters

So I found this website where you can send things/letters to Kelly at the MTC in Mexico and they will deliver next day.  Since he has to check the mailbox everyday it would be cool to get a few letters on paper not on a P-day.  He leave the MTC on Aug 31st so make sure to send before then.
Mexico MTC letter delivery  push this for the link or copy and paste URL!mexico-mtc-letters/c18f1

Aug 4 2015 2nd week in CCM

I have made it to my second P-day! On the first day I got here there were some missionaries that told me that if I could make it from Tuesday to Thursday to Sunday, then my time here would fly by. And it has been so true! My good buddy Adrian told me that the days take forever but the weeks go by in a blink and I have come to realize that after just two! 

Sundays are the best day of the week because we just get to praise God all day long and no matter where I go or who I am with, the spirit is so strong! We had an amazing testimony meeting on Sunday and it was even more special to me because I had the opportunity to say the blessing on water in Spanish! How cool that was.

If any of you dont know the story of John Tanner I HIGHLY suggest that you research it and at least go watch the church video about his life. From his story and sacrifice I have learned so much about the Law of Consecration and how important that is to me as a missionary. 

The Lord has blessed me down here in more ways than I can count and done more for me than I could ever repay him for. My two years are going to be well spent in the service of my God and I literally cannot wait to get out to Chicago!

We went to the templo hoy para la primera tiempo pero it was closed so solo la centre de visitoras. Tell everyone to email me I want loads of letters! And my comp is the new district leader so we have to check the mail everyday. I play basketball everyday and soccer only once. Not many soccer players in my district. Elder Erekson played for Murray my soph year when they beat us.

I think Nate Keele comes tomorrow and I am so excited!!! Jon is doing alright now and I see him every couple of days. Tell Davin again to email me.

I don't think of home until Tuesdays so it's not that bad. I am super busy so it isn't that hard! I love espaƱol!!

Thank you all for the emails and best wishes. You are all in my prayers and I exhort you to rely on the Lord more than you now are because He wants to be apart of your life. I promise this is true.
I figured out my camera today so here are some pictures of friends from back home as well as my room, the campus and the temple.

My best wishes and blessing to everyone

Elder Jones