March 14, 2016

Hello everyone from downtown Chicago!! I love my new area.

I know I haven't sent a group email in a while and so once again I will apologize for that... But on a great note, I have some news for you all this week!

First off we had a baptism on Saturday and I had the amazing opportunity to confirm her yesterday during ward conference. To be fair she was already on date when I got here but I have been able to be a part of the whole thing. I even got to be in the water! my companion wasn't sure he would be able to lift her up so I got to help and how awesome was that! I am a firm believer that the spirit helps you with words and blessings much more then you are speaking a language you don't know. So I am grateful for that.

Something else that is cool about my area right now is that it is the "blessing area". Now I see why they call it that. In my last area I am pretty sure we gave two blessings in my six months there and I only participated in one. In this area we gave four blessings in my first week. It is so cool!! It is such a pleasure for the missionaries and priesthood holders, as well as those being blessed to take part in these wonderful ordinances!

Thank you for your support and letters please keep sending them.
Elder Kelly Jones

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