April 24, 2017

I will just share pictures of how my birthday went.  So nice of everyone to celebrate with me.

April 17 2017

Hey mom! :) birthday week already? I hadn't even noticed ;) 20 tho... no more teenager excuse.. eh whatever I guess.
We just did the funniest thing:) So this week I found a rope swing in the front of these people's house so I decided to take a ride:) haha I'll include pics but it was just the most random thing for me that I thought it was awesome:) also, we had our last zone training ever! I am not a hundred percent sure why it was the last one, but my president told me as we walked in together that we won't be having anymore! So that was some big news because we have had those once a transfer since... always.

Transfer week!!! This weekend we got our transfer text and calls. First off my good buddy and fellow MTC mate Elder Erekson got called as our new AP so shoutout to him. Secondly, we are getting transferred. Way sad that my time with Elder Hill has probably come to a close for the third and final time. In Mexico, Chicago 2nd, and now Chicago 5th, we have been a lot of places together! He will be continuing his mission though in Gurnee 3rd, my birth ward. He is way stoked and I have been hyping the ward to him all weekend. I am getting another fellow MTC mate, Elder Hincha!! Wayyyy good guy and heck of a friend, I'm super excited to be his comp going into our last three months together. It could be my last companion... dun, dun, DUN!! My district leader is Elder Hanna who was my leader when I first got to chi 3. I am still in chi 5 That's weird.

Three months left so what do we do? Celebrate the time with 25 scoops of ice cream!! I will include pics and a video, but we found this place called Margie's which sells something called the Royal George. 25 scoops of gourmet ice cream absolutely smothered in hot fudge and caramel, topped with more whipped cream and cherries than you could possibly eat yourself! Obviously we took 7 elders to help us with this colossal dish:) 10 bucks a piece was worth the creamy goodness that is the Royal George. No regrets! It was a good week:)

April 10 2017

This week has been crazy and weird. Honestly probably the most stressful week of my mission. I didn't even realize how stressed I was until today.  So we work very closely with our ward mission leader and his family right? Well he got released this week and got a new calling to be in the bishopric of the new single adults ward so the family had to change. His girls felt like they were "kicked out of the ward" which is not true of course.  We explained it to him that we just need to go and serve where ever the Lord sends and needs us.  This is a hard job because I am not good with feelings or talking about them.
This week we got to try the best burrito in Chicago! And I'm not gonna lie, it was true to its name! The place is called Garcia's and they are very proud of their burrito making prowess. I was impressed and my companion as well! Definitely will be taking the family there when we come back someday:)
also got pizza Chicago's is the best.

April 3 2017

Hey mom!
We taught like 6 lessons last week and had like 27 dcms or something. We have a few investigators but like... none of them will come to church!  It's the most frustrating thing when they are like so fine when we are in the same room as them but as soon as we ask them to do something when we aren't there they are like nah. But oh well.

The lady from last week update-  Ya we are going to have our first lesson with her sometime this week. She canceled on us last week so... soon tho! And she sounds pumped to see us again because Elder Hill and I have literally both taught her before.

The weather has been straight poop. Rain for at least a week straight. We just got finished playing soccer in it for three hours tho which was way fun. I am sooooooo sore now. I feel like I haven't done anything for weeks and I realized today how much I was always in shape to just be able to run out and put in work but not now. I was surprised to see my skills came back so fast after not playing for so long. This other elder, Umahi is his name, asked me if I was going to play college and said that I totally could if I tried. And he was way good so.. that was cool and nice of him:)

The girls told me about their games so that was fun! I'm way excited to come home and participate in their training and stuff too. I have been eating great and working out great until this conference. I think between these last two days the only things I have eaten are butterfingers, Doritos, and Powerade.  It was some hard snacking.

Elder Jones

March 27 2017

Elder Hill and I are killing it. Story of the week would probably be this lady that I taught a little bit in my last area just moved into our area here. Now we are gonna work with her for real. So that's pretty cool:)  I also received the shaver from Harry's mom I am excited to try it.

March 20 2017

A member invited us to go to breakfast downtown.  Here is a picture of what I got to eat.  Way nice place too. 

March 13 2017

So ya I got my package and thanks so much! :) The mangoes are way good! I was transferred and now live in Chi 5 area now which is back north side.  Elder Hill is my comp now.  He is from Murray and from the MTC with me.  It's crazy how much nicer the area is!! Haha down south it is soooooo ghetto compared to here. But it's great! My new ward is completely crazy. I don't think this will be my last comp. I've got at least one more transfer but you never know!