Jan 25, 2016

So this is George we went in to get haircuts and he said "I need a haircut soon" so I said "I can shave your head". So he let me do it.

Update on lake slidding: The neck is gonna be fine. I think I am already all good but I am scheduled tomorrow for a ct scan on head and neck just in case. We are doing laundry right now and pretty much no plans the rest of the day. Shout out to my cousin Noah for entering MTC!! Atlanta is going to love you.

On Wednesday we had the coolest opportunity to take part in a World Wide Missionary broadcast from the church. It was in the morning and Kalen and I were probably watching it at the same time:) how cool is that?! It was very inspirational and uplifting as we heard from Neil A Anderson and Dallin H Oaks. Super neat experience that no other missionaries have had in over 10 years. Then we actually had to go back to the doctors office for my companion this time because he is having back pain. On Thursday we had interviews with president and that was fun. Friday we went on exchanges. Ooh boy.
So exchanges. Elder Seger came to my area with me for the day. I would describe him as... A soul searcher. And I say that because if he wasn't asking me thought provoking questions like, "why are you here on a mission?" Then he was asking things like, "what kind of man do you think you'll be at the end?". You know me not much of a talker so I was sick of that before we got back to our house on Thursday night!! It was a great exchange for missionary work though we were able to contact a guy where I placed a Book of Mormon like 4 months ago and we had a lesson with this other guy that was just a stop by so it was a good day but man!! Elder Seger could talk the ears off of every relief society across the globe mom and I ain't kidding;)

Saturday was the bomb:) ELDER JENSEN CAME BACK UP FOR A BAPTISM!!!! It was so exciting!! :) he baptized a lady he had taught up here for a while so he came up with Elder Lee. he goes home in three weeks and he is the coolest guy. So they rode up here with president and then we had to take them to the train station afterward so I got to hang with Jensen for like and hour before the train. Then when we got to the station it was all closed down and apparently the train had left an hour before when they thought so we had to just drive them all the way to the mission home and it was great:) agh I miss Jensen he's a great kid!!

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