Jan 18,2016

This week we got Horacio to church again and we had a lesson with two new investigators that we found in Mundelein and the ladies name was Alma so... Can you say baptism? ;) haha but we will see. Also funny story, we were tracking on a couple days ago and we knocked this guys house and he opens the door and we start our go to, "hi, we're missionaries of the" and we got to about there when he said, "it's too cold, go away". And then he proceeded to slam the door. My companion and I both just started laughing and that's been our joke when we don't wanna do something ever since. It's too cold! Haha it's great. We really are getting into the cold weather up here in Illinois. Yesterday, the high was 4. Degrees. That's death weather. Wind chill puts us at like negative ten all the time. it's great can you die of being too cold let's hope not. well that's my update! love ya all

Lesson for the week--- don't go slidding 20 feet across a frozen lake having so much fun that you fall down and hit your head and get a concussion. Big bump not fun.

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