Feb 15 2016

Hey mom isn't it your birthday today? Well happy birthday then. Have a great day without me. I know you can't but just try anyways maybe the girls can make you a cake.

So Elder Jensen is in Blue Island and he has till October of this year before he goes home. I know nothing about my new area. I will have another native so I will not have had a white companion yet in the field. I have no idea what apartment it will be. I guarantee it's not gonna be one I've been to before. Everybody is walking right now. It's too cold to bike. I am in a biking area so maybe in the spring. I am busy today with packing and moving. It's February and I'm not shoveling everyday.. Little disappointed to be honest;) they tell us this is gonna be one of the lightest snowfall years in a long time. So great. Right when I get here and I wanna see some 6 feet days and we get the shaft:(

Have a great week.
Elder Jones

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