Feb 8 2016

Hello everybody!!!

This is Elder Jones from Chicago Illinois, in case anyone forgot. I know it's been a long time since I sent a weekly email but I have two excuses this time! During both of my last two pdays the elder around me here in Gurnee have had trouble with emails but it's all good now!

For any who does not know I will be hitting my six month mark of serving here next week and I am so excited! I don't think they will be throwing me any parties but a six months missionary is a cool missionary here (at least that's what they tell me).

In the last two weeks some cool things that have happened were deer tacos, way cool black ladies, and the rabbit that I almost caught. So the deer tacos were from a super awesome Mexican lady with a big white husband. He shoots and she cooks and that's how it works in their house. Deep fried deer meat is a delicacy here. The black ladies story happened as we were leaving a medical clinic (we were there for my comp who was having back trouble) these two ladies see and us and flip out going, "are you guys Mormons?! Hey look at the Mormons!" We proceeded to have a stirring conversation about how they knew the missionaries in Ohio and they loved the "Holy Spirit" that they brought into their house but they lost contact when they moved here. So we gave them our number and are still hoping they call to have us over! And the rabbit... Let's just say we didn't have dinner one night. And then let's just say we still went hungry. Rabbits are way fast.

That's about it for me! Thanks so much for all your support. love the Lord everyone and it will all work out!
-Elder Jones

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