Feb 1 2016

Bad news I slipped and fell on ice and my Ipad went flying and broke. Our plans changed last Pday and we got to go to the city and hang with Jensen:) I love Elder Jensen!!! I am most likely being transferred. Six months in Gurnee and it's almost time for me to head somewhere else, most likely south side of Chicago mom;) haha how crazy is that?
So for the last... At least a month and a half:) Hermano Obregon has been teasing me that if I don't speak enough Spanish that he will make menudo when we come to eat. And finally he did it!! Last Monday we show up and they are like are you ready? And the whole time I was always like bring it on. Ya I can do it. Obviously you know me;) and they set it in front of me and oh my gosh... Look at that picture. It looks disgusting. It is cow intestines in a nasty soup is literally the whole dish. I took two bites and told them that it was horrible and they just started laughing at me. They had chicken ready for me in case I hated it. I feel bad for Kalen cause he has to eat that kind of stuff with a smile on his face. Here the members do it more as a joke.  The stuff that looks hairy really is.

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