Oct 19, 2015

I want you to know that I am doing way better this week:) you know me and I am settling into my situation and really getting behind it all as far as I know what I'm doing. I am starting to put in work and trust in the Lord way more and it's helping so much. Keep praying for me but you don't need to worry anymore I promise:)

230 Moore Ct Grays Lake. IL 60030 is my address right now for letters but don't send packages here. We are in Gurnee 3 Ward Buffalo Grove stake.

Yes it's freezing already
I just realized there are way more questions you wanted answers to. Here are a few answers

So for transfers every missionary that is receiving a transfer comes to the same Iglesia for a big ole meeting which I think is typically about 40% of the mission.. Maybe. And we all have a gathering in the chapel and president will stand at the pulpit and give a little talk about the mission and share stories and stuff and then he announces the transfers one by one and it's like a ceremony haha. Once every six weeks. So that always happens on Tuesday so on Saturday is when every pair of missionaries get a text that says you wil be transferred or not and if you are they call you that night too and tell you what's gonna happen.

I eat cereal for breakfast if I eat anything. Or hot chocolate:) with this super yummy load of bread that a member gave us like last week. With butter it's so good in hot chocolate.

I am for real gonna need some good cold weather stuff or I will freeze to death and it's gonna be a bit expensive cuz I will not get cheap boots and some other stuff I'll need so... hope I have enough money still in my account.

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