Nov 2, 2015

Hey so it's Tuesday night and I am reflecting on the day and it is so much easier to think of experiences I've had in the same day! ;) so I have some stuff to tell you! Well this morning we had to go to Elders Jensen and Seegmillers apartment to do laundry because we couldn't get it done yesterday because there are tons of missionaries that use their stuff on Pdays. Anyways! While we were there they invited us to English class! :) every single Tuesday, they drive to the giant public library here in Gurnee and they take like an hour to teach English to people who come to a class to learn it. And it's so cool! :) I actually went last week too but I forgot to tell you about it. So we decided to go and it was so fun:) I literally got to sit down one on one with this lady from Michoacan Mexico who has been here for three months now and teach her English but the trick is I have to teach in Spanish haha which doesn't make sense but I guess it works. It was super cool! And they are all way funny and the class consists of basically 15 to 20, 30-50 year old ladies who come in and joke to each other across the room and talk like a relief society meeting and they are all just super... Amiable so that was my cool thing for today and hopefully I can have one everyday for you!
Fast forward a few days...
So we went to the Lovato's house for Halloween. They are freaking hilarious and love to feed us they are seriously the funniest people I have met here. Aside from Horacio I guess. Horacio Cordero is the coolest guy ever. He has the craziest stories and he used to be a hacker for the government and also a spy for some South American country during the Cuban war and stuff and he is like 55 now and he looks super young! coolest guy ever!! He said he'll come to my wedding:)

For Pday we got to go downtown again and ride the train.  I love this city.
And you are gonna love what I wore on Halloween;)
-Elder Jones

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