Nov 23 2015

So for this week I had a fun experience with a less active woman. She invited us to help her cook some tacos for lunch to eat with her on Friday and so we went there at like 11:30. I got to chop up some peppers and cilantro and we made the salsa. So she sent us out to the to table and we sat down and I had forgotten about this appointment so I had eaten right before we came so... Whoops. She comes out and sets a plate in front of me with a full helping of beans and 7 tacos. SEVEN TACOS!! So I was like "alright, gearing up for the long haul" and pounded em:) Earlier this week on Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Troll (whose real last name is Troll) and it was great! He is my current zone leader and he is a nice guy. From Chile! Anyways, we went on exchanges and the day was great and we had two appointments for dinner. Which happens only because I'm pretty sure our members conspire and make it so they all wanna feed us on the same day. So me and Elder Troll go to the first one which we were supposed to teach the two little girls. They are from Guatemala and Mexico. And so the family took us out to Chilis I was pretty much stuffed after that. Then we went to the family Lovatos house who absolutely love to feed us. And it was hermanos birthday so he had cake that he insisted he didn't want leftovers from it so... Ya I was bulging. No wonder I keep gaining weight! Have I told you how much I weigh recently? You don't wanna know;)

On... Friday night! We had a ward activity called el arbol de la vida and it was so much fun!! We got to blind fold a bunch of adults and lead them in the dark holding on to a rope all over church with tons of obstacles and it was actually way hard. I took the job of standing by the water fountain most of the time and I threw water at people and they freaked out! And then I'd run down the hall right before the end and stand in one of the classrooms and it was super long so where I was they thought they were done and I'd turn on the light right as they were going past me and say, "good job" You finished! Let go of the rope and walk to my voice". And I got a bunch of people to walk into the room and then I'd turn the light off and leave, oh my gosh it was so much fun! And then a Sister Hermana would go help them out because she felt bad. We had a couple investigators there and it was great!

That same Friday during the day, I went on exchanges with Elder Jensen oh my gosh he is my favorite person!! He told me I could stay at his house if I ever went to Utah State:) he lives like two minutes away and that would be so fun! Also, that was the night we received transfer calls:) my comp Elder Limon is being transferred and I am getting Elder Peralta and he speaks Spanish and is one of the sickest kids! I am so stoked! But ya so we had a fun exchange. And I got our investigator Ariana to say she was coming to church on Sunday.  More to come next week. Enjoy pictures of exchange day and I got new boots.  They are super warm.

-Elder Jones

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