Nov 30, 2015

I forgot to tell you about the snow. We got like 8 inches of snow overnight and it's all gone now!! Those were the pictures that I sent.  So Tuesday last week we woke up nice and early and went to the church building in Wilmette for transfer meeting! Elder Limon was all packed up and ready and I was more than happy to help with the bags:) We got to the church and I found Elder Peralta and sat with him the whole time and it was so great my new Companion!! We went to the mission office and I got your package and I'm so excited to wear the huge socks!!! It's not quite cold enough now but it will be. Tuesday we had a super productive day as a companionship! Visited a bunch of less actives and members.  Today is Thanksgiving and we have an appointment with a family for dinner with the other elders too!  The Castellanos are feeding us tomorrow too as a "thanksgiving" dinner because they couldn't today. We are just gonna do so great though and I'm pumped. He is hilarious and we have FUN together! This is a first!!
Moving on to Saturday night. Funny story- my comp is driving and he gets pulled over and he started freaking out a little bit and turns to me after giving his license and says, "ah dude what if he finds something on my license" and I was like "like what?" and he says, "I dunno like a warrant for my arrest" and I just started laughing way hard because he was so serious and it was so funny!!! Like they would let him drive or be on mission if he had warrants.   Saturday we went to the mall as a district and stood with signs in both Spanish and English that said "What are you thankful for" we got lots of people to talk to some people loved us and some didn't.  Good times,  I have high hopes for this new companionship.  Everyone go watch this it just came out.
Elder Jones

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