Sept 28, 2015

Hey everybody!! So sorry that I haven't been able to get a group email
out in... Well a couple weeks! I know it's been awhile but I get so
stinking busy on my Pdays it's crazy!! First off, I LOVE CHICAGO!!!
Second I love the Latino people here with all my heart. The people in
my ward have really given me an amazing welcome and they all love me
lots so it's great!

I'm sure most of you know the daily schedule of a missionary so I
won't go into that much but I do wanna say that we have a car, (the
only red car in the mission I might add and I totally feel like
Stitch) and we do a whole lot of driving. My companion and I have one
of the biggest ares and at some points we have had to drive 45 min for
one appointment!!

I love teaching people and I feel like my Spanish has improved 63%!!!
Which I feel like is a lot so I am proud. I don't get to talk as much
as I would like to in a day though and it's something I really need to
work on!!

A funny experience that happened to us this last week was with this
one lady that we have been teaching for about two weeks really had a
change of heart and decided she hated us one day. So we showed up to
our appointment and the Book of Mormon that we gave her was sitting on
the porch in a plastic bag. So ouch. But it's ok because my spirits
are still high!! My soul delighteth in the things of the Lord and he
is my joy.

Thank you all so much for your emails and support of me. Hopefully I
will be able to think of more awesome experiences as I try to get this
email out every week. My favorite part so far was last pday though. We
had the opportunity to borrow a couple of bikes and go to the actually
city of Chicago and bike around and talk to people all day. It was
extremely downtown which is an experience I have never had before and
I loved it to death!! I can't wait to be in a bike area!!

I love you all and you are in my prayers for sure! Please try to
remember the Lord in all things for he has given you all things and I
promise you that. Never forget him and why you are here! I love you
all very much!

-Elder Jones
 District lunch 

 Flour fight 
 Finally made it downtown and to the Bean.  Love riding bikes. notice the pant legs tucked in "it's a bike thing"

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