Aug 31 2015

Received this today from mission home in Chicago

This email is to let you know that your missionary arrived in the Illinois Chicago Mission on Monday, August 31 and will be a blessing to this mission.  When missionaries arrive, their luggage is transported to the Mission Home, and the missionaries are taken to the train to travel to and from downtown Chicago.  They are given the opportunity to contact people and place a Book of Mormon in this process. It is an exciting introduction to missionary work.
When the missionaries arrive back at the mission home, there is a dinner of Chicago Pizza for them.  After dinner they are trained by President Woodbury, Sister Woodbury, and the office staff.    They sleep at the mission home that night.
On Tuesday morning, the new missionaries all travel to the nearby Willmette Stake Center where transfers take place. First there is more training. They receive their IPads and get them set up.  Then, after brief messages from our President, the trainers are asked to sit on the stand, then come up one by one and describe their area of service.  Then President Woodbury introduces the missionary they will be training.  Some hugging and handshaking takes place as they return to the congregation to be seated together. 
After this, the missionaries travel to their area of service and your missionary will begin actual missionary service.
The new missionaries are always excited and full of energy, and bring that delightful spirit with them to the mission where we all enjoy their enthusiasm. 
Also, it is possible you might see a picture of your missionary on the Christensen’s personal mission blog –

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