April 3 2017

Hey mom!
We taught like 6 lessons last week and had like 27 dcms or something. We have a few investigators but like... none of them will come to church!  It's the most frustrating thing when they are like so fine when we are in the same room as them but as soon as we ask them to do something when we aren't there they are like nah. But oh well.

The lady from last week update-  Ya we are going to have our first lesson with her sometime this week. She canceled on us last week so... soon tho! And she sounds pumped to see us again because Elder Hill and I have literally both taught her before.

The weather has been straight poop. Rain for at least a week straight. We just got finished playing soccer in it for three hours tho which was way fun. I am sooooooo sore now. I feel like I haven't done anything for weeks and I realized today how much I was always in shape to just be able to run out and put in work but not now. I was surprised to see my skills came back so fast after not playing for so long. This other elder, Umahi is his name, asked me if I was going to play college and said that I totally could if I tried. And he was way good so.. that was cool and nice of him:)

The girls told me about their games so that was fun! I'm way excited to come home and participate in their training and stuff too. I have been eating great and working out great until this conference. I think between these last two days the only things I have eaten are butterfingers, Doritos, and Powerade.  It was some hard snacking.

Elder Jones

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