April 10 2017

This week has been crazy and weird. Honestly probably the most stressful week of my mission. I didn't even realize how stressed I was until today.  So we work very closely with our ward mission leader and his family right? Well he got released this week and got a new calling to be in the bishopric of the new single adults ward so the family had to change. His girls felt like they were "kicked out of the ward" which is not true of course.  We explained it to him that we just need to go and serve where ever the Lord sends and needs us.  This is a hard job because I am not good with feelings or talking about them.
This week we got to try the best burrito in Chicago! And I'm not gonna lie, it was true to its name! The place is called Garcia's and they are very proud of their burrito making prowess. I was impressed and my companion as well! Definitely will be taking the family there when we come back someday:)
also got pizza Chicago's is the best.

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