Jan 23 2017

So we got transfer calls this weekend and I am getting a real companion of my own! I have been in a trio with Elder Brimley and Hill, living in their living room on the couch.   Haha it's gonna be great:) His name is Elder Jewell and he's been out like 5 months or something. I'm going back to my apartment and our district will be normal again.  Elder Brimley goes home like April.  Elder Hill is from Lehi and Brimley is from Draper.  They have been great and they taught me to make ties.  They are really good at budgeting so we all went to Michael Jordan's steakhouse restaurant.  It was sweet they let us sit at his personal table (because he wasn't there).  It was super expensive so thanks for the extra money mom!  I still want the whole family to go there when you come back with me to Chicago.  I'm so stoked for Trevor as well! Finally, finally, finally he is getting out there on the mission.

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