Jan 30 2017

Hello Everyone!

I am so relieved to report that I am out of the trio life. I realize that some people may not even have known I was in a trio because I have missed a week or two. Just to catch up then! My companion was sent home three weeks ago and I was sent to live with the other elders in our ward till the end of transfer. It was a super fun experience because one of those elders was my mtc companion, Elder Hill! It was great to be with him again because he is such an awesome guy. So after living out of two suitcases in their living room for three weeks, I have now returned to my own area and my own house with my very own companion. I never realized how much of a blessing a normal companion is until now.
His name is Elder Jewell and he is from Kaysville! He is pretty new with only 6 months under his belt but his Spanish is well beyond where mine was at that point in my mission so I'm way jealous. We are excited to work together. Have I ever mentioned our apartment has two bathrooms? Quite literally my favorite part about it.
Unfortunately, working two areas basically just means that we could add the member appointments from my area to our schedule in the other area. There has been pretty much zero work done in my area since I left which means we are kind of starting over. We didn't have too many investigators before anyways. Jose is still doing great though, and we have re-engaged the work with him. The goal is to have his baptism before the end of the transfer. Which shouldn't be too hard with the Lord on our side!
I feel as though this email will be super boring so I am making it a goal to have another crazy experience for you guys next week to keep you on the edge of your seats. Keep praying for me though because this place is dangerous! I love Chicago and can definitely feel the Lords protection as we walk down some of these streets. Thanks for all of your support as usual! Love you guys!
Elder Jones

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