Jan 16 2017

Guess who emailed me today that hasn't in forever?? DAD! :) haha it was great:) But so ya the work is still going great! So I have a bit of a crazy situation with my investigator who is planning on being baptized! So I think I told you about Jose who is this like 19 year old kid that I put on date my first lesson with him in this area right? He is super cool. And so we were getting him all prepared and then in his interview we find out that he is on probation for something he did when he was 14. Still on probation! So we had to call our president to see if that was ok and he is like um... well actually we now need special permission from the first presidency for his baptism. And I'm like great.. haha so what we are working on now is getting a little bit more information on what happened and some of his probation details so that our president can ask Salt Lake. Other than him we haven't been able to find anyone new or solid yet and we have to visit almost two members every single day because of our two areas. It's really great but we stay sooooo busy!!
I heard Ally is stoked to get back out onto a big pitch this spring! Her email to me was hilarious:) I seriously want to send you a screenshot or something it was so good. That is so weird...that Kalen is now hanging out with my mission friend! We haven't actually gotten hardly anything in terms of snow lately. I think the last time it snowed was like Christmas. It rained pretty bad one day this last week. That was weird. And it's been really cold. My boots are still great and I love them a whole lot.

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