March 7 2016

Sorry about the blackout last week. When you move to a new area you have to reset some passwords on your iPad with new area and email so that they can send you the ones that apply to your area. I didn't know that cuz this is my first area change. Haha so I got it figured out:)

I am so proud of Ally for learning the viola so cool! I can't wait to hear her play everything when
I get home! I can play clocks by Coldplay on the piano:) so that's cool. Chicago rocks:) I don't know if I told you but downtown is in my whole area:) most areas of the mission don't have any of downtown and only a few cover parts of it. Mine is the only one Spanish speaking that covers 100% of downtown!! You don't even know how cool that is:) Everyone else has to ask permission to go there and I receive revelation about the people that live there!! How cool is that? If you come get me definitely bring everyone you can cuz I have some stuff to show you:) I can't wait till I am a pro at the city. So about my comp.. Elder Rejas, is the best guy in the world. I love him and he is hilarious. He is 22 and has almost as good of a knowledge of 80's music as me and an even better knowledge of the movies. He is from Vegas and is just a solid guy.
So ya my area is great! We bus every day and occasionally take the train... Every few hours actually;) My district is hilarious too!!

Elder Jones

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