Jan 4, 2016

Hi mom:)  Just super busy around here! New Years we went to an investigators house and made tamales with her and her mom. Thanks for the advice mom on service and for thinking of me when shoveling!  Also we shovel all the time here so I am not getting out of work!   I got sick this past week and it sucked so bad. Just now recovering. Me and Jensen went on exchanges on Sat and it was awesome. He is being transferred now though after being in this area for 7 and a half months now. Also Hermana Knowles is going home and I am so sad about that:( she is seriously my favorite person and I hope you will meet her one day. So Sunday we got permission from pres to sleep over in Chicago so that we could go to a funeral this morning at like 9. So we did that all morning and just got back to Gurnee this afternoon.  We slept on the floor... Well I actually didn't really sleep at all. And first I was on a table and then a rolly chair and then the floor. not comfortable at all... Now we are back and we have some things to do for Pday so gotta go.  Love Kelly 

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