Jan 9 2017

So... I hope you are ready for a story because I just had the craziest two weeks of my mission. 
First off, yes I got the pictures and they were great! I am still super salty that your car got broken into on vacation though and don't know how to take my feelings out on that one. That snow you are getting is awesome! I might have a pic or two.... but nothing great. I'll explain that in a bit with my story. My area is pretty great but... we have soooo many less actives. Like it's a big ward but nobody comes to church.
Ya so the crazy story. Well you remember how Elder Recillas is my companion? And we were comps
(in a trio) before when he got sent home last February? (he was only home 6 months then came back out) Well, he just got sent home two days ago. Again. I almost got sent home as well because of what he did and was doing. Crazy right? it was the weirdest thing to hear president tell me I might be going home. It was sooooo scary. Recillas was an idiot and did something wrong and got caught so I am in a trio again!  President realized I was not involved at all and I couldn't have prevented it either cause I didn't know.  Good thing you tell me to follow the rules every week. The weirdest 2 weeks of my mission life. I am in the Chicago zone. My new area is great!  I am now with Elder Hill (my MTC comp) and Elder Brimley.  Right now I live in their front room I left most of my stuff at my apartment.  They are also teaching me how to make sick ties.  Here are a few pictures.
Elder Jones
I am cutting out fabric.

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